2nd 100 Degree Day

Snapshot A short post tonight, because I got behind making graphics for an extra segment.

We really lost the surface easterly flow today, in fact when I drove through Corbett, at the west end of the Gorge, it was calm around 11am.

So I think it's somewhat amazing that we still made it into the low 100s in the middle of August with no east wind in the metro area.  That's a really hot airmass!  I see Timberline Lodge made it to 82 degrees, that's the warmest I think I've ever seen on that sensor.

No significant changes for tomorrow.  Obviously the marine seepage is pumping humidity into our hot airmass; dewpoints have been rising this evening.  But the large-scale easterly flow continues through the day tomorrow, so I don't expect any major cooling push tomorrow until after peak heating time.

Models have come together on a strong shortwave swinging northeast through the region Sunday night and Monday AM.  This might be a great setup for a quick thunderstorm outbreak…something to keep an eye on for the next day or so.  This type of a shortwave moving through Eastern Oregon has brought a severe weather outbreak several times in my forecasting life here in Portland.

Okay, time to go…I'll be on vacation, one last time, Monday-Wednesday.  Next post will be Thursday…unless it gets really exciting Sunday night…Mark Nelsen

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  1. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    Looks like the cooling influence of the marine air has reached PDX. Temps will easily cool below this mornings low of 72…and most likely below the August record high low as well.
    I saw one nice positive lightning strike on the way home from work around 5:30 this afternoon. It easily reached several miles from the storm.

  2. Stacey says:

    Did anyone record the incredible wind at 4 AM Sunday morning in the Beaverton area?

  3. Stacey says:

    Did anyone record the incredible wind blowing at 4 AM Sunday morning in the Beaverton area?

  4. Garron at work in Aloha says:

    Man it’s a sticky icky bugger this mornming!!! Looks like HIO might break their all time hi/low temp, still in the low 70’s out there…Meanwhile it still hit 101 at HIO, just missed at PDX…that sucks!

  5. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    Wow! Just looked at the lightning map to see what this storm was about that everyone had been talking about. Pretty impressive looking at the CG strikes there has too be around 100 or so in the metro area. How in the heck did I sleep through that?!
    Hopefully we get another round this evening.

  6. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    Just had a pretty good crack of thunder wake me up. It’s been raining off and on over the last 10 minutes but no more thunder.

  7. Anonymous says:

    74 at 6 am in fairview

  8. Benjamin Monjay @ Forest Grove says:

    Went back out at 2am to view the storm. Multiple CG’s in and around Banks. Merix Corp in Forest Grove had lightning strike their gas meter and destroy it causing a large leak (no evacuation though). North of town a pole was struck and started a small brush fire just off Hwy 47. There was also a 2 acre fire started at 25561 NW WEST UNION RD. Have a good night all!

  9. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Possible new cells trying to fire SE of Eugene near Oakridge…
    Okay well I need sleep…. so I can be all alert and ready for tonight.
    Good night all.
    (Should any new storms fire I will likely be back)

  10. Brandon in Tanasbourne says:

    That moved out quickly.
    I think I’ll at least attempt some sleep as well.

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