Back to Work & Bambi Returns

Snapshot It’s a brand new week and we actually have a cold front on the way for tomorrow.  What could be more exciting at the end of July?  A nice outbreak of thunderstorms…but apparently we got too much of that early this summer.  We’ll have to settle for an afternoon cold front passage.

Not a ton of rain with the approaching front.  No model shows much more than .10″ in the lowest elevations west of the Cascades.  Of course we should see a bit more in the mountains and foothills. 

This is a one-shot deal for rain.  Brief ridging later Wednesday and Thursday returns us to warmer temps and more sun.  Friday and early Saturday another trough swings through.  We MAY see some showers with this as well.  Models are all over the place with that one, but seem to be trending stronger.

GFS now looks “troughy” through the extended period.  So I lowered 7 Day forecast temps quite a bit (from 4pm).  ECMWF as of 12z wasn’t quite as baggy looking and had more ridging.  Hmmm, looks quite similar to last summer, but not so wet.  And so far we’ve escaped excessive cloud cover west of the Cascades.

On the home front:  after unloading the camping supplies yesterday evening (trip to Clear Lake), I left the gate open BUT the trailer was mostly blocking the entrance.  Apparently a deer slipped in the 2-3 feet that were left open.  Clever little guys aren’t they?  Not too much damage done in the one evening, but I’m guessing all his/her friends were waiting at the fence this evening.  Mark Nelsen

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  1. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    And what would “bonefide gloop” be?

  2. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    …i know this will come as a shock (tonight’s theme?) to those that know me….but it’s raining hard enough that it better rain some more to really wet the ground lest the dogs’ paws become gloop (yes, bonafide gloop)carriers…..

  3. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    ….Bambi, tell your friends that that nose shock your comrade felt the other day was just a taste of the power of Bonneville; i plan on eating the fruits of my labor this year!!!!!

  4. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    We just had a drizzle/sprinkle storm out this way.

  5. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Yeah Triforce – I’m afraid we’ll pay this fall if the summer ends up cooler than average. Of course, last year didn’t turn out bad. With weather, you never really know.
    Somehow all the rain showers missed my station today, even though it was pouring a half mile away.
    Currently 62.1

  6. Luvry says:

    TV, thanks for the update bud, can’t wait!

  7. TV Weather Producer says:

    The annual Oregon AMS Winter Weather Meeting will be held on Friday, October 24th from 10am-12pm. The meeting will be at OMSI where it was been for the last few years. We will feature the upcoming winter weather forecasts and a recap for the year past. By all factors we’ve seen and documented on this blog, this weather is going to be active. I highly suggest that you come if you can. We will have some new things for those of you who have been to the meeting in the past. I hope you all can make it.

  8. TV Weather Producer says:

    Rod Hill was at the event I was working this evening. He and I chatted about the weather and how things have been strange this summer. We also talked about the winter weather meeting. I’ll be releasing the date later this evening.

  9. yetanotherguy - aloha/cooper mtn says:

    I’m not sure why people find this weather unusual. The average high in Portland is about 81 at this time of year. The means for every 92 degree day we get we need a 69 degree day as an offset.
    July is going to end up being a warmer than normal drier than normal month.
    We live in a very moderate area from a weather standpoint.

  10. The Triforce says:

    This is off topic of weather.
    One thing drives me nuts. How come you have to register at other sites to post just ONE simple comment on their blogs? Here you don’t have to go through that crap and there isn’t much problems here.
    I might read a blog where someone is unhappy about a political issue or some service of where they went that day then you get 3/4ths of the comments being flames or just plain sarcasim without being imformal to the Author. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  11. The Triforce says:

    64.6F out and cloudy still. Dropping temps already.

  12. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Line of severe thunderstorms moving into the Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area.
    Base Velocities indicates damaging straigh tline winds possible.
    [Streaming Cam]

  13. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    New 7 day out.

    No more 85-90. Looks like the 70-80 F regime may continue. If so that would mean we would be stuck in this pattern for a month now. Rather unusual for July into August.

  14. The Triforce says:

    I will be glad to take the epicenter of Oregon’s ‘Big One’ for you. I have sprinkles right now 69F and breezy. Glad for it being cooler then average. 🙂
    Though I predict a warm fall if this continues cause something has to balance out. Not sure how warm until we find out how the temps at the end of summer. And I mean THE end.

  15. Justin (Brush Prairie, WA) says:

    The March 25, 1993 earthquake was a 5.7. It was my birthday and it hit right around dawn. Lots of damage, but no one was killed IIRC.

  16. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    On the weather side of things.
    PDX, HIO, and SLE are all well past their record low high temps today, so no records will fall today. Temps are still well below average.

  17. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    up* rather

  18. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    This “smaller” quake could perhaps end of being a good thing. That is IF it released growing pressure within the fault.

  19. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    TV – I agree, anything over 5 here would be a very big deal. Wasn’t the Spring Break Quake a 5.3-5.4, something like that, and it was a very big deal. Actually did do some very minor damage to the apartment in Beaverton I lived in at the time. Fortunately it was located out near Tri-Force’s hometown, away from downtown Portland.
    Realize my brothers have been through the Sylmar Quake 6.9-7.1 (I was there, and terrified! too), the Whittier Narrows Quake 5.9, and the Northridge Quake 6.8?, and many others of lesser magnitude. So it’s all relative. I am glad to hear there are no serious injuries being reported.

  20. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    ?As for our weather, looks like mark downed the temps again for this weekend. He even threw in some rain on friday. 80 is perfect. Leave it there Mark.

  21. Andrew from Portland, OR and Ellensburg, WA says:

    Reports of light damage coming in:
    -Some reports of glass breaking and items falling from shelves at some locations in the Pomona area.
    -There were some reports of telephone and cell service being disrupted. Verizon spokesman Bill Kula said there were sporadic outages for landline services in and around Pomona but no impact on wireless service.
    -A water heater broke in Terminal 7 at LAX but no water mains were damaged. The airport’s administration building was evacuated briefly officials said.
    -Metrolink train service on the Inland Empire/Orange County, Ventura County and 91 lines has been shut down until the tracks have been inspected. All other trains within a 50-mile radius of the Chino Hills epicenter will be running at restricted speeds according to Spokeswoman Denise Tyrell.
    -A problem with a leaking water main has caused authorities to block off a section of the street near City Terrace Drive and Eastern Avenue in the City Terrace area according to a lieutenant at the sheriff’s East Los Angeles Station.
    -The California Highway Patrol is advising parents of an alternate route to get to City Terrace Elementary School, which is in the 4300 block of City Terrace Drive. Parents are advised to go south on Eastern Avenue, east on Rogers Street, and south on Helen Street to bypass the closed intersection of Eastern Avenue and City Terrace Drive.
    -There are reports of power outages in Chino Hills, Pomona and Diamond Bar according to Southern California Edison.
    -The quake sent some ceiling tiles were tumbling in the North Justice Center in Fullerton according to an Orange County Superior Court spokeswoman.
    -Classes have been cancelled at Citrus College in Glendora and at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut according to a school officials.
    -There were reports of minor damage at Mt. San Antonio College.
    -Firefighters have gone to a Macy’s store at 21900 Vanowen St. in the Warner Center area, where some flooding has been reported on the building’s third floor, says Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department. It is unclear if the flooding is related to the quake.
    -Federal Aviation Administration Officials reported a ground radar at LAX was lost for about 1 minute. Because the Airport Movement Area Safety System is a ground radar, no flights were affected. The system required no repairs, said Nancy Castles of Los Angeles World Airports.
    –Palm Springs police reported a man injured — but apparently did not break — his leg in Palm Springs during today’s earthquake while crawling out of an elevator that stalled three feet above the ground at the Diplomat condominium complex at 2424 E. Palm Canyon Drive.
    (© 2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services contributed to this report.)

  22. Andrew from Portland, OR and Ellensburg, WA says:

    Here is the link to the live streaming coverage out of California. USGS being interviewed currently.

  23. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    Thanks for the info B. I agree, anything in my eyes around a 5.5 or higher is a big deal, especially if it hits a big city such as LA, and you are correct, glad the epicenter was in the hills and not the immediate downtown or heavily populated suburbs.
    I remember the spring break quake very well…5.6 (just a bit stronger than today’s LA quake) in Scott’s Mills…about 50 miles out of portland, again, good thing that did not hit just underneath portland, could have been a lot worse!

  24. The Triforce says:

    It’s 71F out and solid clouds. Sorry about the brother who got busted for drugs.

  25. TV Weather Producer says:

    Since I’ll take the news end of this…..
    Anything over a 5 in terms of earthquakes is a big deal. There is some damage, but it seems to be very limited to certain pockets of So Cal. The fact that this happened in the hills is a good thing. CNN is using USGS imagery showing the shake map. I apologize for not posting a link, but you can find it on the USGS website. Also, Cal Poly (not sure what campus) has sent out an animated look at the earthquake and the wave affect. It looks like the P wave (forward pulse) was strong, while the S wave (side to side shake) wasn’t that bad. Hearing a few cracked roads and some water main breaks seem to be the worst of it all. Just to tie it to Portland some how….a 5. something quake here would really be a big deal. We have upgraded the building to a certain point, but not all of the metro area would spare damage with a 5.

  26. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Here’s my question to my brother who was in his office in Glendale at the time.
    “Earthquake, I assume no big deal?”
    And his response:
    “Yes, but by the way the news it seems we fell into the sea.”
    Hi Jacob,
    Is that what the BPA Mets are saying? I think the CPC had August cooler than normal as well.

  27. jacob BPA says:

    Im afraid August may be cooler then normal we will see

  28. The Triforce says:

    “Interesting, I see the pattern, I get a typepad error, one post dissapears. Nothing I do makes it show up, only to reappear as the second kicks it out. But the first was being counted in the blog total even though it wasn’t visible (at least on my current computer).”
    Posted by:HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) | Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 12:50 PM
    Isn’t typepad sooo much fun and intresting? 😀 I don’t know what we would do without it on a boring forum system.

  29. The Triforce says:

    I am 68,0F and cloudy according to my Oregon Scientific with a 47% realitive humidity.
    I don’t know why KSLE is colder then me I guss it has to do with them being lower and colder air sinking? I know stations can be different from just a few miles from what you guys told me.
    Chimpy says. “Burrrrr I am cold it’s 63F here at the studios. Take me to Brazil or Triforce’s house”

  30. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Interesting, I see the pattern, I get a typepad error, one post dissapears. Nothing I do makes it show up, only to reappear as the second kicks it out. But the first was being counted in the blog total even though it wasn’t visible (at least on my current computer).

  31. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    No calls from my brothers. I e-mailed them to see what they think. By their standards down there, it’s kinda big, but not a really strong one. Still big enough to be scary, and it probably did damage somewhere.
    On to weather,
    We have a chance of new record low high temps again.
    Old Records:
    PDX – 65, 2001
    HIO – 66, 1975
    SLE – 63, 2001 – Note Salem is currently reporting 63 so they’re tied and probably won’t make it.

  32. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    No calls from my brothers. I e-mailed them to see what they think. By their standards down there, it’s kinda big, but not a really strong one. Still big enough to be scary, and it probably did damage somewhere.
    On to weather,
    We have a chance of new record low high temps again.
    Old Records:
    PDX – 65, 2001
    HIO – 66, 1975
    SLE – 63, 2001 – Note Salem is currently reporting 63 so they’re tied and probably won’t make it.

  33. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    Yes Phil, 5.8 near chino hills.

  34. Salemphil says:

    Looks like a preliminary estimate of a 5.8 Quake in Los Angelos. Hope everyone is ok.

  35. Bambi says:

    LOL, I told you that you couldn’t stop me Mr. Nelson Mwahh Haaaa!! Oh and if you think I am going to tell my friends about that lucious little garden of yours, your crazy. You grow the best goodies this side of the cascades and I’m keeping them all for myself!! YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!
    I’ll be back!!

  36. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Light Rain falling now, enough to get the roads wet.

  37. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Yes, an absolutely amazing sunrise out here with red and orange tinged clouds to the east and red and orange tinged virga to the west; even a red-orange rainbow in the west! Me on my bike and the camera at home :(. No rain out here yet.
    Luvry, your instincts served you well.

  38. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    I saw that sunrise also Rob, picture perfect.

  39. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    What a stunning display of oranges mixed with reds and some yellow all shining lightly through a canvas of broken clouds. Amazinggggg.

  40. Atmospheric Wrath says:


  41. Atmospheric says:

    If anyone is awake…..
    As of 1:32 AM
    Storms approaching Lubbock, Texas.
    [Streaming Cam]
    I am seeing flashes and bolts now.
    (Annoying streetlights, I know. The one on the left alternates off/on.)
    Storms near Hobbs, New Mexico.
    [Streaming Cam]
    I have seen some good bolts on this cam.
    *When the windows pops up saying “Your Session Has Ended. Thanks For Watching!” Simply click ‘Back’ and it will reload again.

  42. The Triforce says:

    Burrr sure sucks for them.
    Chimpy The lab rat er I mean the weather checker says: “65F in here at the studios and partly cloudy very nice weather. Have a romantic night or something if you have any loved ones”
    4th Triforce piece says. I am a bit lower. 60F right now and cleer skies. So looks like you Portlanders are enjoying as perfect of a night as it gets. T T T That’s all folks. (Loony Toons theme plays)

  43. Luvry says:

    oops, meant I’m glad I ran with my gut feeling 🙂

  44. Luvry says:

    thanks for the update mark….
    I knew those models weren’t gonna hold that ridge but then again, they could bring it back tomorrow…
    As for now, that was my gut feeling on thd models and I’m glad I didn’t run with it…again, models have absolutely sucked this summer after 5 days.
    Yes Mark, reminds me of last summer.
    On a side note…Mark, or anyone, did you notice Alaska is possibly having it’s coldest summer in recorded history? They are at only 7 days of above 65 degrees, record is 15 days, they only have about another month before they lose enough daylight where 65 degrees is much harder to hit…this bodes well for us!!!

  45. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Mark, thanks for the update and welcome back.

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