Back to Work & Bambi Returns

July 28, 2008

Snapshot It’s a brand new week and we actually have a cold front on the way for tomorrow.  What could be more exciting at the end of July?  A nice outbreak of thunderstorms…but apparently we got too much of that early this summer.  We’ll have to settle for an afternoon cold front passage.

Not a ton of rain with the approaching front.  No model shows much more than .10″ in the lowest elevations west of the Cascades.  Of course we should see a bit more in the mountains and foothills. 

This is a one-shot deal for rain.  Brief ridging later Wednesday and Thursday returns us to warmer temps and more sun.  Friday and early Saturday another trough swings through.  We MAY see some showers with this as well.  Models are all over the place with that one, but seem to be trending stronger.

GFS now looks “troughy” through the extended period.  So I lowered 7 Day forecast temps quite a bit (from 4pm).  ECMWF as of 12z wasn’t quite as baggy looking and had more ridging.  Hmmm, looks quite similar to last summer, but not so wet.  And so far we’ve escaped excessive cloud cover west of the Cascades.

On the home front:  after unloading the camping supplies yesterday evening (trip to Clear Lake), I left the gate open BUT the trailer was mostly blocking the entrance.  Apparently a deer slipped in the 2-3 feet that were left open.  Clever little guys aren’t they?  Not too much damage done in the one evening, but I’m guessing all his/her friends were waiting at the fence this evening.  Mark Nelsen