Volcano Dust and Vacation Time

Volcanocloud[1] Well, it appears that the ash cloud from Okmok Volcano has arrived over the Pacific Northwest.  The volcano is just west of Dutch Harbor, Alaska (in the Aleutian Islands).  It erupted violently last Saturday and Sunday, spewing large amounts of ash and sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere (around 50,000′).  You can read all about it on the Alaska Volcano Observatory website.  What we see overhead is a very thin veil of ash moving in from the west-southwest, but a long ways up in the atmosphere…above 30,000′.  The image here is from NOAA.  It shows the sulfur dioxide cloud position early Thursday afternoon.  Of course that would contain some ash as well.  It sure produced a colorful sunset! 

As for weather, it’s not exactly life threatening, but tracking the depth of the marine layer is a very annoying forecast problem.  I was off by 5 degrees on the forecast high today due to a deeper-than-expected marine layer.  It looks thinner the next two days on the models, especially Sunday, that’s why I’ve gone with warmer temps.

The weather pattern stays GENERALLY the same the next 7-10 days.  A big ridge centered over the Rockies and weak troughs occasionally trying to get close to the West Coast, or at least tracking by to the north through Southern Canada.  Of course this pattern gives us a marine push from time to time, keeping temps in check.  No hot weather in sight, no rain, and probably no thunder even east of the Cascades.  Basically real pleasant summer weather…that’s good because I’ll be on vacation all next week.  I’ll only post if the weather is interesting.  Otherwise I’ll be back on the 28th…Mark Nelsen

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  1. yevgeniy/beaverton/hillsboro says:

    By the way have any of you guys heard about the flooding in Ukraine (country where i am from)
    A storm passed in about 2 or 3 hours
    cause terrential flooding and baseball size hail!

  2. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    The low near the Queen Charlotte Islands has now dropped down to 988mb (29.18 in)
    NE Pacific WV Loop image shows it is still intensifying perhaps even wrapping up more overnight.
    [Zoomed images]


  3. Luvry says:

    Triforce, I appreciate your feedback 99% of the time but that was a little out there, I hate the mention of that word.
    Josh, what the heck! I sat next to Mat at the winter weather meeting last year…same matt right, the one that worked at NPB??? If so, wow, that surprises me. I have had friends that did the same, and unfortunately paid the price, big big time. The best that can come out of it will be a lesson learned, hopefully the worst is a short jail sentence, for his sake. I am not stereotyping, just stating my observations…most my friends that did that had a common denomination about them…your brother matt seemed to me a good guy with a great personality and his head on straight, I hope the best for him and that he makes better decisions in the future. Very personable guy. Send my best wishes to him, we’ve all made our bad decisions in our lives and the best we can hope is to learn from them.

  4. Jesse-Orchards says:

    64 here and cooling off nicely still.

  5. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    Rob, when those fingers of smoke were in the area (i was in Colton), the light had the smoke subdued look….

  6. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    69.0 here
    A bit warmer than I’d like.

  7. The Triforce says:

    In my opinon rape is the worst thing that can happen to someone cause it can bring physological terror. I think it’s worse then actual murder. Now lets go back to the weather: Weather or not you like it.
    I am 67.5F with clear skies. Too bad that weather system is gonna be a pooper tomorrow and the next day. No 1.25″ of rain. Grrrrr. I wish the Air God will do something decent. 😦

  8. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Larry, I saw something about 7:30-8 PM-ish also. I wondered if they were or just clouds. Interesting to find out if it was indeed smoke as to what caused it.

  9. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Nah it isn’t the place, but being he was a fairly regular blogger and knows us all I can understand the aspect of wanting/needing support.
    Well 70.7 now the rate of cooling has slowed considerably. The brisk NW breeze has also slowed. I assume with the cold front approaching the breezes should increase later.

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