A Late Baseball Night

Snapshot Apparently it’s going to be a very late night tonight on FOX12.  The 15th inning of the All Star Game is just beginning at 10:20pm.  We are committed to 90 minutes of news following the game…do the math and one realizes that we’ll probably be on the air until well after midnight (at least).  SO…plenty of time to post on the blog don’t you think?

Today was a big surprise with little to no onshore push yesterday evening.  Temperatures were cooler in the Willamette Valley, but we ended up rising two degrees here at PDX.  That means we’ve now had 5 days at/above 90 in the first half of July.  That meets our 90 degree quota for the month.  It’s possible we have some 90 degree weather coming up at the beginning of next week, so it’s looking like it won’t go down as a cool summer for sure.  As for whether we remember Summer 2008 as a hot one?  Only the next 4-6 weeks will tell.

Finally, a significant onshore push is in progress tonight.  Last night there was no cooling/gusty west wind at Corvallis or McMinnville.  We have that tonight.  At 10pm it was running 14 degrees cooler at CVO than last night at this time.  Kelso is significantly cooler as well.  Even so, I’m thinking my 77 degree forecast high for PDX may be a bit low.  I’m thinking 80 is far more likely.  Okay, we’ll play it this way…if the game goes to a 16th inning, then I’ll raise tomorrow’s forecast high to 80.  If not, then we leave it at 77.  Pretty scientific eh?  Mark Nelsen

A minor maintenance note.  Some folks have complained that their posts don’t show up after posting.  Remember that you HAVE to hit “refresh” to have the comment show up (most of the time).

64 Responses to A Late Baseball Night

  1. Luvry says:

    Rob, that was kind of a random post…whattup?

  2. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Cya… Be back whenever….

  3. Luvry says:

    Looks like a good marine push making it’s way south…

  4. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    I think the eruption was rated as Strong/Severe and that the initial ash cloud did reach 50,000 feet in height. More info here: http://www.avo.alaska.edu/activity/Okmok.php
    Will it effect the weather, now or in the next year, good question! But I’ll take any help we can get in cooling things off. I think a -PDO with a nuetral ENSO temps would be best for the winter. Two La-Ninas in a row tend to produce cold dry winters IMHO.
    69.4 with a NW wind currently.

  5. The Triforce says:

    I saw only one flash while I watched it for a minute or so. According to Weatherunderground.com they are having OVER an inch per hour rain fall as of 9:53pm. Where the #@#@$ is the lightning? Where’s the beef?
    Sorry but this confuses the heck out of me.
    I am at 76.3F out and mostly clear skies out my window with high clouds filtering in well to the NW.

  6. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Another night in Iowa, another night of storms.

  7. The Triforce says:

    Maybe will will have a record El Nino with a -PDO and the volcanic atmosphere in the earth. Ummm how significant can the volcano stuff be. Was this a bad explosion?
    I was right! I briefly touched 86F just a few minutes ago. I assume it was only a few minutes because a half hour ago it was 85ish.

  8. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    So if we combine -PDO, neutral ENSO, Ash in the atmosphere and no sun activity, maybe we are looking at the perfect winter for us? 🙂 I know, it’s a stretch, but maybe not!

  9. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    Yes Rob, good news, bring it on. Looks like a couple small disturbances swinging through to increase that onshore push. Wonder if the ash from that volcano could affect the winter weather 🙂

  10. The Triforce says:

    I am at 84.0 climbing up. I probably will just SCRATCH 86 for like a minute or two and go back down hoping that marine layer gets it’s butt in here.

  11. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    All onshore surface gradients continue to show an increasing trend over the past several hours. Hopefully this will lead to a bit faster cool down after 6 PM.

  12. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Yeah Luvry, I’m happy to pass on the 90’s personally. Of course I won’t be surprised if we get another flop the other way next week. I said in May that it would be dry and warm this summer, so I need the warm weather to continue in order to make me look good, (as if that were possible).
    Sulphur Dioxide in the air can combine with water vapor to make acid rain so that’s not good. I wonder how much ash got into the upper atmosphere where it might help cool the planet. I thought the eruption hit 50k in height.

  13. The Triforce says:

    “PDO is still negative, and is projected to stay that way at least for the coming months. ENSO on the other hand is a mess, nobody knows if we will be having an El Nino or El Nina come Fall/Winter, signs all point to Neutral (neither). Just to put that into perspective,some of our most active falls/winters in our history have been with a -PDO and Neutral ENSO readings. Would basically mean we would be moving from one extreme to another all fall and winter,and with PDO being on the negative, it means temperatures should lean to the cooler side come fall/winter.
    Posted by:Anthony Bertolo – Gresham | Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 06:56 AM
    THANK YOU! 🙂 At least somebody knows something here. 😀 I didn’t think anyone would care except at Western Forums. THAT’S one thing they are good at is Ocean diagonsting. Theyh are experts at that. You should see Snow Whizards OWN indexes he made up himself.
    I am 82F right now and clear skies galore. I bet everyone is hopping mad at the studio since my blog machine scratch the sides from the wings hitting them. :O

  14. Nof out near Carlton says:

    Has anyone noticed the mass of sulphur dioxide looming out in the gulf of alaska?
    Wonder what thats gonna do?

  15. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    Phil, did you notice that in addition to that, 12z, never gets us above 13 degrees at 850 for the next 7 days!!!! What a flip in the models, those 90 degree forecasts for this weekend look to be WAY out of the picture.

  16. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Lol and by January 10th that will be the GFS changing 25 times….

  17. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Just looked at the 12z GFS and the chance of rain next week looks to be gone as far as I can tell. Just switched back to a more normal July pattern.

  18. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    I have noticed the NWS comments this month as well about the uncertainty when referring to the models. Rarely accurate when talking long term, but they can signal trends/changes that are coming. Of course, if you cherry pick your model runs from the past week or so, you may be able to find some that match up quite well with the current weather. See the 12z GFS on the 10th describes today perfectly. Doesn’t matter if it was an outlier or changed fifteen times since then, lol.
    Speaking of a week ago. Didn’t I say that a cloudy rainy day was highly unlikely in late July? Oh well, we will see. Next Tuesday’s record daily rainfall for Hillsboro is .02”. It wouldn’t take much to break that record; in fact it looks to be (just barely) the driest day of the year historically in Hillsboro. Several others in July and early August come close.

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