A Late Baseball Night

July 15, 2008

Snapshot Apparently it’s going to be a very late night tonight on FOX12.  The 15th inning of the All Star Game is just beginning at 10:20pm.  We are committed to 90 minutes of news following the game…do the math and one realizes that we’ll probably be on the air until well after midnight (at least).  SO…plenty of time to post on the blog don’t you think?

Today was a big surprise with little to no onshore push yesterday evening.  Temperatures were cooler in the Willamette Valley, but we ended up rising two degrees here at PDX.  That means we’ve now had 5 days at/above 90 in the first half of July.  That meets our 90 degree quota for the month.  It’s possible we have some 90 degree weather coming up at the beginning of next week, so it’s looking like it won’t go down as a cool summer for sure.  As for whether we remember Summer 2008 as a hot one?  Only the next 4-6 weeks will tell.

Finally, a significant onshore push is in progress tonight.  Last night there was no cooling/gusty west wind at Corvallis or McMinnville.  We have that tonight.  At 10pm it was running 14 degrees cooler at CVO than last night at this time.  Kelso is significantly cooler as well.  Even so, I’m thinking my 77 degree forecast high for PDX may be a bit low.  I’m thinking 80 is far more likely.  Okay, we’ll play it this way…if the game goes to a 16th inning, then I’ll raise tomorrow’s forecast high to 80.  If not, then we leave it at 77.  Pretty scientific eh?  Mark Nelsen

A minor maintenance note.  Some folks have complained that their posts don’t show up after posting.  Remember that you HAVE to hit “refresh” to have the comment show up (most of the time).