90 Degree Day

July 9, 2008

Snapshot It was a very warm…okay hot…day today.  Looks like PDX was the coolest spot in the Willamette Valley.  Salem was 94 and Eugene 96.

Hard to believe, but Brookings once again went past century mark, jumping to 102 degrees late this afternoon.  It was 85 there this morning.  Now Steve Pierce JUST sent me an email (one of only 400-600 since January), pointing out the AG station just south of Brookings was 64 at 9:15pm with a light southwest wind, then the north breeze picked up…15 minutes later it was 88 degrees.  Now that’s a thin marine layer!  Thanks Steve.

We have a well-advertised marine push in progress right now.  It’s triggered by an upper level trough passing by to the north.  Now this one is a “northwesterly” marine push, which often doesn’t give us much low cloud cover.  Notice that dewpoints have dropped somewhat dramatically in spots.  I see the dewpoint here at the station has dropped well down into the 40s.  This should give us a cooler night tonight and tomorrow night.  Even with the cooler airmass Thursday, sunshine plus dry air should push temps back up near 80 degrees.

As I mentioned last night, upper level ridging bounces back Friday-Sunday.  500mb heights get up close to 590 dm later Saturday, which should push temps back into the lower 90s again.

Long-range maps still look a bit “troughy” starting Monday, but each model is a bit different.  Of course more marine influence is likely.