Hot Brookings and High Places

 DSCF0022 For the last week, my wife and I assumed we had lost/misplaced our camera.  Disappointing since we had a bunch of vacation pictures on it.  So what happened after numerous calls to Denver, Colorado Springs, and PDX?  It was in the closet downstairs still in the luggage!  Here’s one picture from Pikes Peak.  There is a road to the top or you can take the railway instead…some hike.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see snowflakes flying by.  A bit strange because the temp was around 45 degrees and it was partly cloudy.  Some light showers/thunderstorms were gradually developing that day.  Still impressive to see snowflakes on July 1st.  And a click on the picture gives you a closer view where it’s very clear that the kids are a bit chilly.

A nice warm day today…we just touched 90 degrees at PDX.  That is day #4 at/above 90 so far this summer.  2 others were during that mid-May heat wave and 1 in late June (the 100 degree day).

No changes for tomorrow, but a weak marine push Thursday drops temps back into the lower 80s.  There is a change though for Friday and Saturday.  It appears that the upper level ridge will attempt to pop back up over us those 2 days.  This has been a trend in the model runs the last 24 hours.  Due to that, I’ve warmed up the forecast highs on the 7 Day (for 11pm).  Sunday will probably need some surgery too.  The troughing isn’t looking quite as significant next week either.  Other than that…pretty slow weather.

Now, how about Brookings today eh?  After a low of 78, the hot northeast wind pushed the high temperature at the airport to 108 degrees.  Records are taken by a Co-op observer 2 miles SE of the city center.  We don’t have access to his data right now of course, but there are 3 different locations with regular readings right in the area.  The airport, a private home weather station, and an AGRIMET station.  All 3 had a high of 107 or 108 today…pretty consistent.  Due to that, I’m comfortable saying that the Coop observer probably made it past the old all-time record of 103 degrees.  WIth the downslope wind continuing tonight, I see 11pm temps are still in the lower 90s!    Mark Nelsen

34 Responses to Hot Brookings and High Places

  1. Atmospheric Wrath says:


  2. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    …66.7 here..

  3. Luvry says:

    72.9 with a NW wind at 7 G to 18. Feeling comfy outside πŸ™‚

  4. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Hardly dropped at all over the past 20 minutes.
    NW @ 11 G 24

  5. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    I’ve got you both beat! 73.2 and dropping with a NNW wind 5-15.

  6. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    I stand corrected…. Looking at 9PM observations there is a good W to NW push throughout the entire Willamette Valley. Your temps should fall off soon, Triforce.

  7. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Cooling off nicely….
    Bring it on!
    Yep, Triforce I have no chance of catching you due to you being down in the valley away from the brunt of the NW marine push.

  8. The Triforce says:

    83.7F here. I bet I am lower then Rob. πŸ˜€ Let the temp race begin!

  9. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    92.6 F here today…
    88.0 F now
    Winds NW 4.9 mph

  10. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Hit 90 on the dot at PDX. Looks like mid-90s weren’t in the cards today for the metro area. Had a high of 89 at my house. It’s currently 84 with NW winds picking up a bit.

  11. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    The only time I don’t mind hot weather is if I am camping, or if we have good prospects for t-storms, other than that I agree it’s too warm.

  12. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Yeah Rob,
    Looks like the central and southern Willamette valley temps are running about +3 today vs. yesterday. Most of the Portland area was -1 to +1 depending on location which means temps here much like yesterday. My station was .3 degrees lower than yesterday with a high of 91.3 today. Much hotter than I care for.

  13. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Yep Triforce…. Looks like my forecast of 91-95 F worked out in a few places? Mainly along down in the Willamette Valley and along the east slopes of the Coast Range as Salem and McMinnville both hit 94 F. Eugene was a hot spot at 96 F.
    I see Mark bumped temps up a bit for the weekend and not the low 70’s early next week rather upper 70’s… I’m not surprised… I had a good hunch this morning it would.
    I am looking forward to 80 F tomorrow for sure.
    – Rob

  14. The Triforce says:

    96.4F now. I just broked yesterdays temp by 2F. :O So much for that onshore flow?

  15. The Triforce says:

    94.6F HERE! H-O-T. What’s that spell? HOT! That would be a biblical phenomena if Brookings hit 105+
    Man Western Weather is at it’s fights again. 😦
    Once a week or so I check and they are #$@#ing again. And it’s about you guessed it: Global Warming and the 2007-08 winter. over and OVER AND OVER AGIAN! They just have TOO much time on their hands and I think they are teen agers that are bored. :>
    There is ONE person in particular that always says snide comments to prove Global Warming.
    I didn’t read beyond 1/4ths of it as a result
    They deserve to be shut down. I wouldn’t mind as that is not proper forum ethic.

  16. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    *Really hoping for onshore flow to kick in ASAP!*

  17. Vaportrail says:

    Hot and toasty in the Tanasbourne

  18. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Already 88.2 here.
    Willamette Valley, PDX/KVUO metro areas all running 4-7 F warmer than yesterday. 91-95 is still attainable if any marine push holds off. I do notice N-NW winds increasingly slightly.

  19. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Mark, I remember driving up to the top with my parents many, many years ago. Probably around the same time of year. No snow though!
    Typical summer weather is what you can expect: The last week of July is the warmest of the year out here with average highs around 83. It’s also the driest week of the year with .047” of rain on average (.33 daily max) in Hillsboro for the entire week 25th – 31st.
    As Anthony said, predicting that far out is just a guess. The extremes are a heat wave, temps 100 or above (possible), or maybe some thunderstorms (possible), or a cloudy rainy day like we had at times last summer (highly unlikely this year IMHO). Most likely will be some variation of morning clouds/afternoon sun, with the variable being how much of each and how warm it gets.

  20. Jesse-Camas says:

    Today should merely hit 90 again, much like yesterday. A marine push looks to kick in in the evening, capping off temperatures.
    It stands to reason that temps are running higher right now. This morning was 5-6 degrees warmer than yesterday morning across the region.

  21. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    As of 10:00 AM
    Brookings is actually running 2 F warmer than yesterday.
    Places in Northern California are running 2-6 F warmer….
    Assuming there is ANY chance of the onshore flow holding off Brookings may be 105+ F today.

  22. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Ah where are my manners?
    Mark, thanks for the update and pics. I imagine the ears must have been popping a lot at that elevation. I’d like to visit that place one day.

  23. Atmospheric Wrath says:

    Good morning everyone….
    A quicker warm up this morning compared to yesterday.
    As of 9:08 AM I’m already 73.4 F where as yesterday I didn’t reach 73 F until 10:45 AM.
    As of 9:00 AM –
    24 hour temperature differences
    Portland: 71 F up 6 from yesterday
    Salem: 73 F up 6 from yesterday
    Hillsboro: 72 F up 6 from yesterday
    Vancouver: 71 up 6 from yesterday
    Scappoose: 74 up 5 from yesterday
    Aurora: 73 up 6 from yesterday
    So over the PDX/KVUO metro area it appears temps are running 5-6 F warmer which leads me to believe today could be 3-5 F hotter putting us in the 91-95 F range.
    By the way, Brookings was an Arctic like 87 F for their low.
    – Rob

  24. Christiana: more likely than not it will be partly cloudy and somewhat like it will be this week. The ridge moving in doesn’t seem like it will be shifting anytime soon and if it does I don’t see any drastic changes in the weather patter.
    But keep in mind this IS the Pacific NorthWest so forecasting 5+ days out is close to useless.

  25. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    I for one will miss his Fall/Winter forecast write-up.
    How hot it gets today is going to depend on when the onshore flow starts. Already feels warm outside; I noticed that Hillsboro had a bit of east wind this morning.

  26. Christiana in Beaverton (Baseline & 163rd) says:

    Mark–Your kids are cute. I really liked the one with the alligator that you showed on the air. I have a long term weather question: what do you think that weather will be like near the end of the month. Trying to make plans and thought I would ask.

  27. The Triforce says:

    I forgot about OCS! They do issue forcasts. I hope they continue though I doubt it will be as good as his. Doesn’t it seem he was wrong alot though? I sworn he was.

  28. 65.5 Here in Gresham.
    Not sure I saw Mark post about this, but I was sad to see George Taylor not being a part of the OCS anymore. Does that mean we don’t get our annual, early august winter forecast? I have been reading that for years!

  29. The Triforce says:

    I am at 66.7 and calm winds. I am surprised at the warm night we are having despite not a severe heat-wave. We usually only see these kinds of nights after a high of 99F or so. :O
    Maybe we will be warmer then forecasted.

  30. Steve Pierce (His name).
    Looks like we are in for some good weather. Not too bad at all, looking forward to it πŸ™‚ Part of me can’t wait till winter, and then the other part of me knows that come February, like clockword, I wont be able to wait until July (even April for that matter).
    I brought up 2003 as an analog again, and this year continues to follow a very similar path.
    No fun that thunderstorms wont be coming around 😦 On the morning of the third I was out in the middle of it, just chasing the center of the action like I usually do during a good t-storm.

  31. The Triforce says:

    What does SP mean?

  32. Steve Pierce says:

    Good for you Ryan. You finally made it 1st! πŸ™‚

  33. kportl22 says:

    So, my wife says it’s my fault, but apparently, I left our point-and-shoot on top of the car as we were on our way out of town to go to Hood River a few weeks ago. I’ve been hoping it would somehow show up in my luggage, but no such luck yet…
    Still pretty warm for 11pm tonight!

  34. Luvry says:


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