Hot Brookings and High Places

July 8, 2008

 DSCF0022 For the last week, my wife and I assumed we had lost/misplaced our camera.  Disappointing since we had a bunch of vacation pictures on it.  So what happened after numerous calls to Denver, Colorado Springs, and PDX?  It was in the closet downstairs still in the luggage!  Here’s one picture from Pikes Peak.  There is a road to the top or you can take the railway instead…some hike.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see snowflakes flying by.  A bit strange because the temp was around 45 degrees and it was partly cloudy.  Some light showers/thunderstorms were gradually developing that day.  Still impressive to see snowflakes on July 1st.  And a click on the picture gives you a closer view where it’s very clear that the kids are a bit chilly.

A nice warm day today…we just touched 90 degrees at PDX.  That is day #4 at/above 90 so far this summer.  2 others were during that mid-May heat wave and 1 in late June (the 100 degree day).

No changes for tomorrow, but a weak marine push Thursday drops temps back into the lower 80s.  There is a change though for Friday and Saturday.  It appears that the upper level ridge will attempt to pop back up over us those 2 days.  This has been a trend in the model runs the last 24 hours.  Due to that, I’ve warmed up the forecast highs on the 7 Day (for 11pm).  Sunday will probably need some surgery too.  The troughing isn’t looking quite as significant next week either.  Other than that…pretty slow weather.

Now, how about Brookings today eh?  After a low of 78, the hot northeast wind pushed the high temperature at the airport to 108 degrees.  Records are taken by a Co-op observer 2 miles SE of the city center.  We don’t have access to his data right now of course, but there are 3 different locations with regular readings right in the area.  The airport, a private home weather station, and an AGRIMET station.  All 3 had a high of 107 or 108 today…pretty consistent.  Due to that, I’m comfortable saying that the Coop observer probably made it past the old all-time record of 103 degrees.  WIth the downslope wind continuing tonight, I see 11pm temps are still in the lower 90s!    Mark Nelsen