A Chilly Evening

Snapshot Quite a change the last 24 hours…during my bike ride yesterday evening (between shows), it was in the 80s and a bit sweaty. Tonight, I needed some hardware and plants, so I was shivering a bit in the chilly/breezy air. No big changes tomorrow as an upper-level low passes overhead. It is headed for Utah by early Thursday morning. This will be our first "upper level low" event of the season. A forecasting nightmare in short. The low will back up a bit and end up in S.E. Oregon by Friday morning. As a result, showers will become widespread over Eastern Oregon Friday. There is the possibility that the showers will move west over the Cascades and down into the Western Valleys. Models don't indicate too much instability, but this pattern in the past has produced thunderstorms this time of the year in this pattern for those of us west of the Cascades.

     We'll see about that, but having dry weather in the forecast Thursday-Monday (our 7 Day forecast) is a bit risky in this pattern. Hopefully I qualified that forecast well enough during the 10pm broadcast. Either way, increasing 850mb temps means a warming atmosphere Friday-Saturday for sure. That should push temps up to or above average for this time of the year. We're getting close to 70 now for our average high here in Portland. Mark Nelsen

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  1. TheTriforce says:

    “#$% Headwind!
    High 61.3
    Currently 57.8 and dropping (2 degrees in the last hour).
    DP 44
    Wind NW 5-15 gust to 20.
    Posted by: HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) | Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 06:11 PM”
    You sort of make it sound like your on a ship somewhere.
    Is anyone Familer with Western Weather as I have a question about experience and users but want it to be private somehow. Thanks if you do so.
    Temperature says: “Brrr it’s 49.3 and I am getting cold being near the awning of the shed outside. “At least there is clear skies to the west as of sunset but no it’s too dark to see anything”
    Windgauge: “I am broken and cannot report plus I am not accurate anyways so please ignore me.”

  2. What the heck is with the cold weather lately?? Actually it’s more like extremes. Hot, cold, hot cold. It was very windy and chilly here today – only made it up to about 75 (that seems warm, but combined with 30-40mi/h wind gusts off the ocean it was pretty chilly most of the day). This weekend looks downright miserable with highs in the mid 60s Saturday and Sunday – though the chance of thunderstorms adds a glimmer of hope. 🙂
    Stay warm.

  3. wendy-silverlake,wa says:

    Don’t feel too bad Boring Larry, it’s been doing the same thing here. Kinda depressing. I long for sunshine.

  4. ….theory #1…ive somehow made the rain gods really mad….
    ….theory #2…the water that was in Roslyn Lake didnt drain downhill, and in fact is lurking just above our heads….
    ..either way, it’s been non-stop raining and dripping up here since Wed. morn……

  5. Feels like it’s time to break out the Winter Beer!
    49.5 right now and still dropping. Get rid of the wind and the clouds and I swear I would have a chance at freezing tonight.
    No, not a pleasant night for outdoor activities. Not that I like it hot, but being mid spring maybe some daytime temps in the mid 70’s would be nice.
    DP 41.1

  6. TV Weather Producer says:

    BioChemist ~ Dont go to KPTV.com to read the blog. Go directly to it. Here is the address:
    We’ve all had that annoying add, but now you know how to deal with it ! Welcome to the blog.

  7. biochemist says:

    will you please get rid of that pesky Les Schwab ad in the upper right corner? please???? i can’t read the introduction of mark’s letter because the ad hides the first sentence. regardless of how i try to move it above the screen the dumb thing comes back. could you not put rolling ads in the upper right corner of your blog….????? please????
    it’s 52F, stiff breeze and not pleasant for outdoor gardening.

  8. Mback (TTD) says:

    I can see it now……Weather Blog turns weather nerds into Poets……..

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