A Historic Coastal Day

SnapshotQuite a day at the beaches…obviously the east wind had no problem making it to the beaches.  Looks like Astoria, Seaside, and Tillamook all hit all-time May highs.  Newport probably did too, the 95° here is from the Airport, which isn’t the same spot where records are kept.

Of course I was disappointed by the "cool" 92 at PDX, but the 96-97-98 at Vancouver, McMinnville, and Aurora make me feel a bit better.

Easterly flow ends soon after daybreak Saturday, replaced by a late afternoon southwesterly surge up the Valley.  I think it’ll be too late to keep PDX below 90, but it’ll be close.

No changes on the thinking Sunday…increasing marine air, but no strong trough in the upper atmosphere means a moderate amount of cooling.  This time of the year a combination of the two could drop us 25 degrees in a day!  That shouldn’t happen this time.

Have a nice weekend…looks like Summer!  Mark Nelsen

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  1. Luvry says:

    No worries Phil, lol. It is a tropical night outside right now, I have a heat index of 76.1…this is almost hawaii weather!!! That line off the coast keeps pulsing, I wonder what it does as it moves inland, very slow moving as far as west east goes. I wonder if it’s just me but I’m sweaty tonight and I’m sitting in a/c!!! haha.
    Rob, yes, the moon looks sweeeet tonight!

  2. offroadjosh(kila montana) says:

    we have lots of badgers here lol! but in nw oregon is kinda odd

  3. Still sitting at 71.6 here…. Not even thick clouds overhead…. The moon looks awesome right now by the way.

  4. Some raindrops here right now.

  5. Err *Luvry – Sorry about that.
    and that was me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This didn’t post earlier for some reason.
    Well, I have never heard of a badger outside of a zoo in Oregon before though it sounds like Lurvy has seen them. It looks like their range is from Texas across the northern plains and into the Rockies. So this seems out of place. Someone’s pet that has escaped? They eat primarily gophers and ground squirrels and probably anything else they can find.
    I was looking at that area out about 138w as well. Not sure it will make it here before tomorrow morning. That is a pretty good looking cell off of Astoria that you imaged. It’s been fairly stationary.
    High here of 84.3
    Currently 71.1
    DP 57
    RH 61%
    Wind NNW with a peak of 15 which has completely died off in the last hour or so.
    I’ll leave my bedroom window open tonight. Any thunder or lightning and I’ll wake up and post.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Errr Sandi* whoops sorry about that.

  8. Also VIL was up to 16kg/m2 west of Astoria

  9. Luvry says:

    Yes, Rob, noticed some 54dbz echoes…guess it’sa wait and see game, interest to see what happens when this front approaches the coast and the moisture interacts with the land.

  10. Base Reflectivity – 9:00 PM

    Intensifying…. Let’s see if it’s just a pulse, or if it maintains itself.

  11. Luvry,
    Thanks a lot… I am happy to say I am feeling a ton better than the past 16 hours. I am watching radar as well and the longer we can retain our warmth considering we have had a very warm air mass overhead convection seems possible and did you notice how our nice breezes have really died off, as well as the rate the temps were falling has slowed considerably? What I assume will occur is the onshore flow pushes stabilizing marine air in too rapidly thus not giving us the dynamics we need for any thunder, but conditions right now looks possible…. T-storms would definitely make me feel better, probably everyone else too lol.
    Very rare and I asked if perhaps it was a Nutria as they are found near Johnson Creek in Gresham, but no they said it had the distinct black/white-ish markings on it just like a Badger. Must have been a pet or something.
    Sounds like a very delightful trip to the beach. I am not sure of the temps in that location, but Surf Pines near Seaside was 105 on Friday.

  12. Luvry says:

    Rob, hope you’re feeling ok. Was just looking at the radar and noticed some possible convection firing off the coast a little ways, wonder if that bodes well for us seeing a possible overnight thunderboomer. I’m going to assume you’re around and leave the SPC parameters up to you…I might post em if you haven’t been on in the 2 hours 🙂 Feel better bud…i know a couple lightning strikes would go a long ways in making you feel better ;0)

  13. Rob, i’ve seen badgers in N.E. Oregon….but here????…mighty strange..

  14. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    We just returned from 4 BEAUTIFUL days camping at Beverly Beach State Park! We made our reservations last February and this turned out to be the perfect (long) camping weekend at the coast!
    I don’t have temps or other stats as we were camping ;o) but it was rather on the HOT side Friday. Very warm and comfortable the rest of the time through today. A little fog moved in on Sunday briefly but otherwise it was sunny. Most of the time there was not enough wind for our kites, except for Sunday afternoon. That was excellent for kite flying, but you did have to hold on tight to those stunt kites! Excellent weather for riding bikes, throwing a football or frisbee, building sand castles, … even jumping some *Oregon* ocean waves! My youngest son and his friend buried themselves in the sand and noticed how much cooler they were just a little bit under the surface.
    Today had some high clouds and sun breaks, but just enough to keep it comfortable. All in all, it was very much like summer! :o)

  15. Onshore flow increasing nicely now. Of course with the increasing winds out there I didn’t need to tell you that.
    PDX-DLS +3.0
    It’s all downhill from here, but honestly given how it had been a bit too hot recently the cooler weather is going to feel nice. Also no running the A/C our houses will be aired out, and cooled off nicely making for even better sleeping weather.

  16. High today: 84.8°
    Currently 78.7°
    DP 54.9°
    RH 44%
    Winds NW 0-5

  17. Down to 81.3 here. A light breeze blowing here, but nothing compared to you Robert.
    Ok NON-weather related
    Tales from the WEIRD files……
    Ok my brother has a house out in Gresham and they recently have heard a noise under the house in the crawl space area. They initially thought it was a Raccoon under there. Well then they started smelling something bad, and it goes worse. An exterminator was called out and any guesses as to what it was?
    A Cat? NO
    A Dog? NO
    A Rat? NO
    A Opossum? NO
    A Raccoon? NO
    A Badger? YES…. It had died under their house….
    The exterminator said this is the first time he has ever seen a Badger in this area, or heard of one being found! I want to know what the heck a Badger was doing loose in Gresham, Oregon? If anyone know how prevalent they are to Oregon, or where they can be found in Oregon let me know please.
    – Rob

  18. Robert in Vancouver says:

    WOW!!! Calm winds all day, but they just started gusting 20-25mph out of the NW!

  19. 83.0 here
    Ok I haven’t been well enough to get out of bed today or online so this is first time so that is why I haven’t e-mailed a Morning Outlook for today. So I am looking at SPC parameters. I figured since we still have a warm air mass overhead with a fairly sharp cold front moving in that maybe some instability is present. Well it is….
    SB CAPE: 250-1,000J/kg
    MU CAPE: 250-1,000J/kg
    LI: -1
    The cap aloft looks fairly weak also….
    [IR Loop]
    Low pressure up near 135 W, 50.3 N is moving east-northeast into British Columbia. Trailing cold front extends out to near 130 W. Looks like there is some development at the apex of the trough near 138 W, 41.7 N.
    Wondering if we see any moisture pushing into this warm air mass with some instability that we could have a slight chance at some convection overnight?
    – Rob

  20. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    Looks like the moisture from the next system is starting to show up on the radar. Any one know if we have a shot at a T-Storm later this evening?

  21. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Triforce, why are you so angry at them?

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