The Heat Is On!

SnapshotLots of interesting things happening this evening for temperature junkies…

First, no changes in my thinking for the next two days.  I love the consistent forecasting the last 4 days.  So according to the forecast, easterly wind should pick up (at least above the surface) overnight and tomorrow morning.  That’s obviously happening this evening…here are some highlights:
1.  Newport Airport was 61 at 9pm, is now 72.
2.  Lincoln City (on a tower above the ground) was 64 at 8:49pm, and is now 76 with a gusty east wind.  You think the easterly flow might be surfacing now along the beaches?
3.  Our TV tower temp is 78…that probably won’t change overnight as the atmosphere continues to warm.
4.  Brookings hit 101 today, and is still 90 at 11pm!

As for the metro area, we only have 2 millibars easterly flow through the Gorge, so the wind along I-84 still east of Troutdale.  I DO think it’ll push into the Troutdale/Gresham areas before daybreak, so low temp forecasts are tricky.  The rest of us drop into the 50s.

Out of time…stay cool tomorrow!  Mark Nelsen

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  1. Mark Nelsen says:

    okay boys…that’s enough. Everyone behave please. Yes, this isn’t the best setup for commets/discussion, but we chose Typepad for ease of use over two years ago. It’s not going to change anytime soon.

  2. TheTriforce says:

    I feel better now BUT I am not going to be afraid to say my opinons though including but not limited about this blog. Though I will try to keep complaints to a minimum if I am upset about something as I have a right to address something not good.
    Furthermore you WILL NOT make me feel bad for doing so. So no sassyness. tsk tsk tsk. Or I shall call Manwe the wind god of Arda and blow this joint away with a ‘Columbus day style storm’ in the spring. (fingers cell phone just in case therer is trouble brewing) Not sure if anyone is into LOTR’s here or not.

  3. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Still about 80 here as well. Pretty wild stuff.

  4. Robert in Vancouver says:

    Triforce…for the record, you did say it was Mark’s fault…”Mark should have never made it this style and done something else instead that’s ‘cooler’. :(”
    We all appreciate our rights, but this is a Weather blog to discuss weather, not a forum for venting about the pros and cons of the blog. Let’s all stick to the weather and make constructive suggestions off-line to whoever/whatever group who has the ability to improve features of the site.
    And now…back to the weather…please.
    78 at 11:00 in Hazel Dell.

  5. Still 82.1 here
    Surface gradients as of 10:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -2.1
    TTD-DLS -2.5
    East winds still blowing, albeit obviously lighter than during the day. It’s still enough to keep the air mixed not allowing for temps to fall off much. (Especially east of I-205)

  6. Snowhound says:

    Oh MAN! I thought I was going to be stifled when the first reporter only had movie theatre tickets in hand.
    But the second reporter came back with a vengeance by not only pointing out a huge thermometer mounted to a building, but gave the double whammy and followed it up with a big bottle of water.
    Well played, channel 12, well played…

  7. Big_D says:

    “”And now your being a Hypocrite, GOOD GODDESESS! You guys were the ones making the big deal over ONE comment and a wish. Don’t blame your problems on me and be a Hypocrite about it.
    I absoloutly HATE hypocrites. (pukes all over the weather studio floor)””
    No, you were the one making the big deal. You started something, and now you are getting a response from several people. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen my friend.

  8. Snowhound says:

    I wonder what the live reporters are going to whip out first.
    A hand-held thermometer (when the current temp is plastered on the corner of the screen already)
    A fan of some type – perhaps a box fan or maybe even the ambitious oscillating fan?
    Or the motherload of all useless news reporting props – an air conditioner sitting on the ground (I actually saw that one last year)
    I’ll take bets. LOL

  9. Currently 78°, RH 62%, calm wind
    Hi 96.5°
    Low 53.6°

  10. Sir Triforce:
    I was not trying to take a swipe at you. If you feel the blog’s inadequate then by all means complain about it. Improvements will be appreciated by all.
    Currently 80.2
    Calm to slight NNE wind.
    By looking at the sattlelite loop it looks like those clouds are going to visit California again.
    By the way, I take my rights quite seriously, but that’s a subject for another blog.

  11. TheTriforce says:

    WOW! 2people posted the same time I pressed post. Geez louise.
    quote by Gradient Keeper “Uhhh, Triforce/Heat, it’s no big deal…. No need to make things into something bigger. It’s all good and gravy.”
    And now your being a Hypocrite, GOOD GODDESESS! You guys were the ones making the big deal over ONE comment and a wish. Don’t blame your problems on me and be a Hypocrite about it.
    I absoloutly HATE hypocrites. (pukes all over the weather studio floor)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hello Dmitri….
    Still 84.6 here
    Surface gradients as of 9:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -2.5 Increased from -2.2
    TTD-DLS -2.5 Increased from -2.4
    Easterly winds are not dying off yet. If they do not it is going to be very warm east of I-205 tonight.

  13. Big_D says:

    “TheTriforce says:
    Look, I never said it was Mark’s fault. in fact he emailed me explaning it was the fault of the author of Typepad and it’s not Fox 12’s fault either. Thank you Mark for that email.
    You guys are putting words into my mouth I never said and I have the ‘freedom of speech’ and am allowed to say I don’t like a feature as this is my guaranteed constitutional right of being a free American. HUMPH!
    You Americans take things for granted too easily and one day your rights may be wiped out by a dictator and I hope you are in agony and will I have sympthay for you? NO! Bye bye.”
    What a riot.

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