The Heat Is On!

May 15, 2008

SnapshotLots of interesting things happening this evening for temperature junkies…

First, no changes in my thinking for the next two days.  I love the consistent forecasting the last 4 days.  So according to the forecast, easterly wind should pick up (at least above the surface) overnight and tomorrow morning.  That’s obviously happening this evening…here are some highlights:
1.  Newport Airport was 61 at 9pm, is now 72.
2.  Lincoln City (on a tower above the ground) was 64 at 8:49pm, and is now 76 with a gusty east wind.  You think the easterly flow might be surfacing now along the beaches?
3.  Our TV tower temp is 78…that probably won’t change overnight as the atmosphere continues to warm.
4.  Brookings hit 101 today, and is still 90 at 11pm!

As for the metro area, we only have 2 millibars easterly flow through the Gorge, so the wind along I-84 still east of Troutdale.  I DO think it’ll push into the Troutdale/Gresham areas before daybreak, so low temp forecasts are tricky.  The rest of us drop into the 50s.

Out of time…stay cool tomorrow!  Mark Nelsen