A Short Post

May 9, 2008

SnapshotA short post tonight because I was too worked up preparing to watch the latest BSG episode…priorities once again.

Earlier this evening I was looking at the record highs for the next 7 days.  I notice that May 15, 2006 was 93 degrees.  Of course my short-term memory couldn’t quite remember that (even though it was only 2 years ago)…the May heatwaves are jumbled together in my head.  So luckily, this weather blog is archived!  Check out the right side of the screen and you’ll see every month since December 2005 is lined up.  Go to around May 11th 2006, and you’ll see that models had been forecasting 850mb temps around +16 or so, then ended up forecasting right around +20deg C.  We had 5 millibars easterly flow through the Gorge on that one day as well.  The maps for this next Thursday are almost exactly the same, so I figure there’s no reason not to put temps in the 90-95 degree range.

Okay, out of time…so have a good weekend…Mark Nelsen