Birthday Special

May 6, 2008

SnapshotWell, I turned 39 today, which is only 1 year away from the big 40.  After I woke up this morning I looked in the mirror and thought "well, maybe I don’t look so bad for 40!, nothing special, but I’ve seen worse at this age".  That was before the shower and morning mocha.  The mocha, email, and weather maps always begin the day in my simple little life.   

Speaking of life, as I was driving to work I thought back over the last "almost 4 decades".  I don’t have anything to complain about.  Pretty good parents, great wife, good kids etc…  I never did anything really stupid, except for hitting 3 cars and skidding across an intersection in Seattle ON my 21st birthday.  Hard to believe, but that didn’t include alcohol…only moronic driving skills.

But enough reflecting on my life, how about that marine air!  A cooler day today…we dropped from 74 to 62 in one day.  Now cooler air moves in tonight and tomorrow in the upper atmosphere.  Our RPM model, including the one that shows the "sky" for tomorrow in our forecast grapic, insists there will be very little cloud cover tomorrow.  That models has done very well, so I put quite a bit more sun in the forecast.  I HAVE seen this happen when colder/drier air moving in up above disrupts and mixes out the moist marine layer, so I’m guessing this may be what happens on Wednesday.

Not much to talk about Thursday, Friday, or most of Saturday.  A cold upper trough arrives late Saturday and sticks around through Monday.  Unfortunately the rain threat seems to be centered on Mother’s Day.

Some of you have probably noticed, but the GFS and ECMWF has been insisting on some sort of strong ridging developing on the West Coast mid-late next week.  It’s still 7 days away, but they have quite high 500mb heights.  I see the 00z GFS says surface temps would be over 90 degrees with offshore flow!  Mark Nelsen