April Ends Chilly

SnapshotThis one surprised me…I added up the 60+ degree days during the February-April period the last 5 years.  Whew…it really has been chilly, but we’ve also had some mild springs lately.   Apparently this year is makeup time.  Makes me wonder if May will be cool again…that does seem to happen in La Nina springs.  However, April was a bit drier than normal, and most La Nina May months have been drier than normal as well.

Based on the forecast maps, I did start working in the garden again today, anticipating planting some "cool weather" plants/seeds next week.  It’s going to be warm enough for those now.  But even if you live in the city, I still would wait on the warm weather plants (tomatoes, corn, peppers etc…).  The ground is going to take awhile to warm up.  But it IS nice to see a sense of normalcy on the weather maps for next week.  In general the upper level heights and 850mb temps are warmer.  Not any significant, rain producing weather systems move through the Northwest either.  In fact the 00z GFS that just came out shows little to no rain in the next 7 days.  The 12z ECMWF was similar with high heights too.

The general trend may be warmer, but unfortunately a dying cold front will torment weather forecasters tomorrow and Saturday.  Some sort of light showers sit over us both days…Mark Nelsen

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  1. The May sunshine is down here. Morning clouds, quickly burning off, followed by sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures, then when the temp is around 74-75 the seabreeze kicks in and caps it off. In the evening you can see the low clouds flowing and billowing over the hills to the west – it’s amazing!

  2. TheTriforce says:

    If we are going to have a warmer then average month inn the winter then I would rather have it be extreme so it can be in the records book and worth discussing. or it’s just plain ol disgusting. blech.
    Now it’s 63F and overcast. yuck. Where’s the May sunshine. It seems just about every May the last 10yrs have been cloudy and yuck.

  3. Nope, just my overactive imagination.

  4. I’m with you on the 60+ weather in February Jesse.
    TV – Sounds good, I always look forward to the winter weather meeting.
    Am I seeing some rotation in the clouds offshore this morning?
    The following is part of a something someone sent me this morning-
    “If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, you live in Oregon.”– Jeff Foxworthy
    Seems true for this winter and spring.

  5. And May also started with a chilly weather and with some tornadoes touchdowns and a disaster in Myanmar… A really bad start of May… 😦

  6. Jesse-Orchards says:

    That said, I can also enjoy cloudy skies, upper 50s and drizzle in May. I like it variable!

  7. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Admittedly I have trouble enjoying sunny, 60+ weather in February. That is wasting valuable snow potential time!
    I can definitely take clear skies and low-mid 70s in May, though.

  8. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Today was really nice..sunshine was very relaxing.

  9. TV Weather Producer says:

    Doing well. It was good to catch up with Steve, HIO Phil, Pat Timm, Mark and Drew yesterday at the retirement dinner for George Taylor. AMS Update, we are starting to plan for the winter weather meeting. We’ll have some new things this year.

  10. Mat ne portland says:

    Uh……ok. Went fishing today onthe Clackamas River and it was the perfect fishing day although thewater was high and fast. At least 18 or so inches higher than a week ago. Snow must be melting up there.
    Oh ya, lots of steelies in dem der rivers.

  11. TheTriforce says:

    I was just teasing Jesse because I was worried he would go back to his old ways which I was proven wrong obviously.
    He used to do that a lot on the forums I hanged out at especially during February when we were having ‘nice weather’. Plus, there were arguments about Western Washington being a ‘dark box’ and sometimes between him and another member it would drag into a long fight but the other member got kicked out.
    Jesse has backed off and doesn’t do that anymore which makes it nicer when we have weird events. Thank you Jesse for execpting things and now back on topic.
    It’s 58F now with a high of 73. That’s right seventy three but the weather was poo pooed by high clouds which ruined the sky view.

  12. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Doing well ~ busy and enjoying working in the yard and planting flowers and tomatoes and observing earthworms. 🙂 A couple of beautiful days! Homeschooling is a bit challenging when even the teacher cannot stay focused and indoors. We’ll just call today’s activities “science” and “wellness” and I think we got a little math in there as well. 😉

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