April Ends Chilly

May 1, 2008

SnapshotThis one surprised me…I added up the 60+ degree days during the February-April period the last 5 years.  Whew…it really has been chilly, but we’ve also had some mild springs lately.   Apparently this year is makeup time.  Makes me wonder if May will be cool again…that does seem to happen in La Nina springs.  However, April was a bit drier than normal, and most La Nina May months have been drier than normal as well.

Based on the forecast maps, I did start working in the garden again today, anticipating planting some "cool weather" plants/seeds next week.  It’s going to be warm enough for those now.  But even if you live in the city, I still would wait on the warm weather plants (tomatoes, corn, peppers etc…).  The ground is going to take awhile to warm up.  But it IS nice to see a sense of normalcy on the weather maps for next week.  In general the upper level heights and 850mb temps are warmer.  Not any significant, rain producing weather systems move through the Northwest either.  In fact the 00z GFS that just came out shows little to no rain in the next 7 days.  The 12z ECMWF was similar with high heights too.

The general trend may be warmer, but unfortunately a dying cold front will torment weather forecasters tomorrow and Saturday.  Some sort of light showers sit over us both days…Mark Nelsen