Cold Showers Are Back

April 29, 2008

SnapshotPoor Stephanie had to head up to Government Camp, hanging out in the cold, snowy April weather.  Of course I just sat here in the 70 degree weather center.  What a jerk eh?  But wait, I remember spending the entire ice/snow storm in January 1998 and most of the pre-flood 1996 ice event outdoors, so I’ve "served time" too I suppose.

Nice showers popped up this afternoon over the region.  Not a single cloud to ground lightning strike in the metro area, so the rumbles heard must have been cloud to cloud strikes.  At one point our new hail algorithm on the radar showed good pea-sized hail in the north Sherwood to Tualatin areas.

Showers have died down with the loss of daytime heating, but they should be back tomorrow afternoon once again with afternoon "heating" and a cool and marginally unstable atmosphere overhead.

A nice day on Thursday inbetween weather systems.  Then a warm front brushes us Friday through early Saturday as a weak ridge builds overhead.  This brings a warmer May-like atmosphere over us for the weekend.  In fact I notice the general trend starting Friday through next week is higher upper level heights through the period.  This MAY be the turn towards "normal" spring weather (can I plant my potatoes finally?).  We’ll see…Mark Nelsen