A Cold Spring So Far…

April 23, 2008

Snapshot2 I had about an hour of extra time this evening, so instead of catching up on work (like emails that are clogging up my inbox), I decided to see how chilly this Spring has been so far.  Looks like (as of April 22nd), we are in the running for 5th coldest March-April average temp.  So of course the next question in my mind, and I assume in many others’, is:  So what happened in May?  The answer surprised me.  Looks like most of the really chilly springs aren’t ALL that wet.  The other 4 Mays were all under 1.50" rainfall.  So maybe there is hope for drier and warmer weather?  Or maybe I’m just really reaching out for some improvement and I’m not being realistic.
By the way, I used a couple of pictures from Jerry in Vernonia tonight.  They show the same spot April 19th this year and April 1st last year.  It’s very clear that this growing season is far behind last year’s.  The pictures are off to the left in the Viewer Photos album.
Today’s wind was a surprise, obviously upper-level winds surfaced FAR more than expected.  When was the last time you’ve seen 3 millibars EUG-PDX produce 35-50 mph wind gusts?  Usually we’d have 6-10 millibars with that kind of wind.

Moving on, I’m just about out of time here, so the sad weekend story is that a warm front is going to linger over us much of Saturday…so the warm/dry Saturday forecast is gone.  Hope is still there for Sunday…keep your fingers crossed!  Mark Nelsen