Back to “Regular” April Weather

Snapshot_2Well, it looks like we’re pretty much done with snow at low elevations.  What a cold, & white at times, weekend.  Of course that white came as either snow, hail, ice pellets, or snow pellets.  Sometimes we saw all four in 15 minutes!

George Taylor, our state climatologist sent this info out today:  The latest snow on record fell in Corvallis yesterday.  The old record was April 11th.  So the "possibility of snow season" down there was extended by almost two weeks!

Interesting weather pattern tonight that I sure would like to see in January.  A surface low is developing offshore where cool air has been spilling out of British Columbia and combining with moisture coming from the west.  It will turn pressure gradients offshore by morning for east wind through the Gorge.  The low swings towards the coast tomorrow, but then just sits there off of Newport until Wednesday morning.  Then it decides to move inland to our south during the day Wednesday.  This would be a great setup for a significant snowstorm in the winter.  But, in April it just means some rainy and gray weather the next two days.  Our RPM model has insisted for 3 runs now that some convection will swing north around the low tomorrow afternoon/evening.  I notice that there is some forecast instability, but we’ll see.

Hopefully the models are correct forecasting an upper-level ridge for about 2 days this weekend.  We all REALLY need some warm and sunny weather.  Kim Maus has been taking kick-boxing classes and nicely threatened to take me down if the weather doesn’t improve "inmediamente".  She’s normally quite nice, but just like lots of other folks, has had about enough.  I agree, I wasn’t even amused in the least by the weekend snow.

On the gardening front, I took a brief survey of my fruit trees today.  Looks like the peach trees just kind of "stopped" in the last 5 days.  The blossoms just stopped opening while the snow was on them, but I don’t think it got below 31 degrees, so I think they made it.  Apple blossoms weren’t quite open yet, so they are probably safe too.  From what I hear the Hood River Valley fared well, but not the higher elevations behind (south) of The Dalles.  A bigger freeze there for the cherry trees.   Mark Nelsen

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  1. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    We went to Bullwinkels and did minature golf in the evening hours. There was a break in the rain and the sun almost came out, Close but no cigar. 😦 Then we went to the Go Karts and saw a dark grey looking cloud coming in. So after that,
    We stayed inside for a while and by 9:00 it was steady to heavy rain coming home down the freeway all the way to Silverton and I have .12″ in hour. Correction, .08 an hour, Ignore the first rate. Right now I have .95 in the ol bucket. πŸ™‚ Interesting weather day.

  2. Mark Nelsen says:

    Just 4 strikes in the S. Valley today and a few last hour in Wasco county. I’ve fixed the lightning maps and added another one too. The links are hidden at the very bottom of my weather page…in the center.

  3. Anonymous says:

    unlikely this is more stratiform rain rather than convective with cooler temps stablizing things

  4. Anonymous says:

    Getting SLAMMED right now…hoping to see some lightning!

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice little low wrapping up offshore if we get sun shine tomorroww look for lots of activity to build with quite good forcing and cold pocket overhead

  6. Anonymous says:

    another batch of moderate rain moving up the valley into metro area

  7. J.R. (clackamas 220ft) says:

    where you seeing this dave? the lightning strikes…

  8. Anonymous says:

    the activity is progressive low topped i think the chances for any further lightning is very low tomorrow however we could see storms

  9. Robert in Vancouver says:

    Thanks for the weather station tips!
    Sorry for the confusion, Mark. I have a wind direction/anemometer combo like many units. I meant to say that and not weather vane.
    Don’t think I’ll be mounting it tonight, though!!

  10. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    Thunderstorm activity just reaching the south end of the metro area. Lightning data showing recent cloud to ground strike activity in the past 20 minutes. Hope some thunder and lightning pans out for the PDX area.

  11. Anonymous says:

    tigard / sherwood / tualatin should be getting moderate – heavy rain right now

  12. J.R. (clackamas 220ft) says:

    wow just looked out my window to the south…… ITS SOOOOO DARK WOW

  13. J.R. (clackamas 220ft) says:

    im watching it… its about to hit me… but lightning map is showing nothing as of yet… or is the site not working mark?

  14. Anonymous says:

    and now it has weakened looks now like a decent size area of rain

  15. Anonymous says:

    not sure anyone knows but there is a weak t-storm moving up the east side of the willamette valley some lightning has occurred also seeing some weak rotation aloft in this cell

  16. B1900 Pilot -- Bethany, OR (400') says:

    I’d love to hear Mark Nelsen’s comments on this article in the New York Times. Basically, it says that TV Weather Forecasters are paid for their appearance and performance rather then their accuracy. Hmmmm? I happen to think Mark is both — a good presenter and very accurate. (A subtle plug for a raise?)
    Anyway, check it out at:

  17. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Happy Birthday Heat! I hope you enjoy your new shortwave radio.

  18. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    I got some present sfor my B-day. One is a shortwave radio basic version. πŸ™‚ We will sometime after Dad naps go to BullWinkles unless Fate says no. πŸ™‚
    It’s too bad it’s raining so we probebly won’t do much outside. X:

  19. Camas~Mom says:

    Good, glad that the low elevation snow is done – and I think my plants all made it as well. Whew! It’s still not a nice warm day out there and by the looks of the radar we’re about to get hammered in the PDX area. Shoulda planned a sunny vacation around this time. Sigh

  20. JohnBob says:


  21. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    I wish the sun would go down earlier then we wouldn’t have to see this crappy drizzly rain. I like the night.

  22. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Is this just some heavier rain moving up the valley or do you guys think we’ll get a shot of lightning?

  23. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    We may not have the sun shining, or the temperatures rising, but at least one thing will happen every April…the sun will rise earlier and set later each day. If it wasn’t for that, I think I would be depressed!
    It does look warmer this weekend, but not dry for very long thats for sure.

  24. Ashley says:

    I live in beaverton, however was in Sisters, Oregon for the weekend. It was so nice at times, and then out of nowhere it started to snow like a blizzard, only to be sunny 15 min later. that was crazy. Coming back over the santiam pass was horrible. I couldn’t believe how much snow I had saw. Looked like december not end of april!

  25. Robert in Vancouver…..heres a way to calculate where true north is……

  26. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    SCREW THIS WEATHER! I wish it would clear out. We were suppose to ahve a hard freeze from sometime in the middle of last week. I would rather have the clear weather even if it’s cold at night.

  27. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Ya, the clouds have kept the overnight temps up. Low was 32 yesterday here. I’m ready for nice weather, but I am sure not convinced its going to happen this weekend!

  28. TV Weather Producer says:

    Thanks Mark !

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