Time to Head North?

SnapshotWayne Garcia shouted at me (via speakerphone) tonight…"hey mark!  My web page that gives me weather forecasts says it’s going to be 51 in Reykjavik and sunny Saturday, can you believe it?".  So after doing some digging I noticed how tough it is to get cold air this far south in April.  Day length is rapidly increasing in the Arctic this time of year, so temps warm quickly too.  In fact I see Fairbanks will be warmer than Portland Sunday as well.  They have a big warm ridge on the way up there!  Not so here in the Pacific Northwest.

Still no change in the remarkably accurate long range maps this week.  A cold front is hard to find on the satellite picture, but observations at the Coast, including Astoria, show quickly dropping dewpoints.  So the cooler/drier air is arriving tonight.

I don’t see any real organized precipitation on the maps tomorrow through Sunday EXCEPT for Saturday morning.  Each model is slightly different, but It seems as though they all try to give heavier and more sustained precipitation for the central Oregon Coast and Southern Willamette Valley.  That could give a "surprise" snowfall to some coastal locations, so I leaned on that bit more heavily during the 10pm show.  I still think we get mainly midday-afternoon showers in the lower elevations otherwise, which means very little chance for any snow below 1,000′.

The trough should kick out of here Tuesday (or so), but it’s going to be 5-7 days before reasonable temps return…April 2008 will go down as a chilly one!  Mark Nelsen

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  1. pedro771-tigard says:

    I would pretty much say the chance for snow in the metro area is very low. No moisture is able to even make it over here. But if a strong shower does it tonight, it will be snow not rain.

  2. The Fab5 was meeting? I had no idea…
    I’ve been working on the butter container paint scheme all day.

  3. Hmmm radar loop doesn’t exactly look promising if you are east of the Coast Range, especially in the PDX metro area. Looks like a SE movement to the precip and then of course the Coast Range rain shadow effect.
    As of now anyhow….

  4. Mat ne portland says:

    Nice of the FAB 5 to leave us hangin’. lol, I hope it snows a little. Good night all.

  5. IceKeeg - Beaverton says:

    Too lazy to look outside, but am assuming I’m under some clearing – temp has been dropping fast and currently at 36.8. Looking forward to seeing what might develop overnight, if anything. I’m truly ready for warmer weather after this chilly season, but in terms of novelty, this is quite the weather pattern, so I’m rooting for a random dump of snow. :o)
    36.6 now.

  6. Temp: 38.3
    Dewpoint: 30
    Sky: Mostly Clear
    Wind: CALM

  7. Dave in NE says:

    I wish some folks from everett would post some pics. that traffic cam reminds me of mid winter in the blue mountains. Pretty incredible for the 3rd week in april. I have a feeling we will get some here in pdx. Tomorrow morning and during the day should be interesting. It’s 39 where I am at with a dewpoint of 29.4. Again…incredible!

  8. kirk north of Washougal says:

    Lite snow falling here and 34.5 deg. I know broken record but just thought I would check in.

  9. Austin-Ridgefield says:

    sorry meant snow

  10. Austin-Ridgefield says:

    Hey guys well had a baseball game in longview and man it was hailing but just before we left it started to sow so it maybe looking good tonight if you want to see snow.

  11. Mat ne portland says:

    Hey Mark, you going to put up a snow totals section for us bloggers?

  12. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    I have a friend in Everett who said she wasn’t driving home tonight on account of snow.
    Should be interesting.

  13. Endless Winter Ale
    strange weather calls for good grog
    best age till fall snow

  14. Boydo3 says:

    RE: the hungry coast range. I put out a rain gauge on the 27th of Dec. Today it showed just under 42 in of rain/melted snow! And yes, today there was ice mixing in at about 1000′. Tomorrow I start a batch of homebrew. Think I’ll call it Endless Winter ale!

  15. Runrain says:

    Looks like we’re getting major rain-shadowed in the valley again. Them hills (Coast Range) is HUNGRY!!!

  16. Mat ne portland says:

    To me Triforce, it looks like the low comes just north of Portland, stalls, and then moves WSW out about 1 or 2 hundred miles and sits there. Precip seems to stay with us longer it looks like to me.

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