Snowpack Still There!

April 16, 2008

SnapshotI love these graphs.  The NRCS has a great SNOTEL Website  where you can check out all the locations across the region.  Click on the image here to get a much larger view.  The blue line is current snow water equivalent on the ground.  There is about 88" of SWE on the ground at the Timberline site, that compares to an average of 62" or so.  The point here is that we still haven’t "peaked" with our snow totals yet.  Timberline generally peaks around May 1st or so as you can see from the graph, then with quickly warming temps in May and June, the snow melts quickly.  The reason we don’t get spring flooding from all that snowmelt is that we don’t get flooding rains when it’s 75 degrees in Portland.  The main snowmelt occurs during the "dry" season.

Still no changes to our weekend weather.  The one thing I notice is a very diurnal nature to the precipitation this weekend (at least as forecast by models).  Most precipitation will fall with daytime heavy showers Saturday and Sunday.  Of course a thunderstorm and hail are very likely too.  I don’t see any sort of organized area of rain/snow, which MAY reduce the chances for lowland snow.  I still think it’s a guarantee in the hills and more likely a "curiousity" in the lower elevations.  We’ll see…Mark Nelsen