Back in the Saddle

SnapshotWell, a few days off in a nice warm place, I come back and it’s still chilly and drippy.  Okay, there were 2 days last week that were nice, but in general it’s been a long 4 weeks of rain, snow, and "general unpleasantness".  That’s going to come to a quick end Friday-Sunday as we get a first taste of May-June weather.
I boosted high temps up a bit Friday-Saturday based on good offshore flow and a thermal trough developing west of the Cascades.  850mb temps support 74-78 degrees with offshore flow.  So of course, I went wild and shot for the moon (78 degrees Saturday).  It may only be 75, but nice and warm either way.  Do you realize we haven’t even made it to 66 so far this season?  And we’re heading into the middle of April!
The 00z GFS & GEM (Canadian) both show the cool troughiness returning quickly on Monday, so this may only be a temporary break in our cool spring so far.  More tomorrow…By the way, the comments on posts automatically shut off after 1 week, so apparently you’ve been unable to comment for the last 26 hours.  I’m sorry if anyone experienced withdrawal, things are back to normal now..Mark Nelsen

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  1. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    (uses stolen Triforce to make Rob better). It’s still sixty degrees. Fahrenheit. πŸ™‚ with a dew point of thirty seven fahrenheit. Sky conditions: clear skies.

  2. By the way, Rob, in response to your post below…sounds like you really have some awesome talent there. I sure hope you continue to do that for people. πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon too.

  3. Talk about hot when you’re not used to it… temp hit about 84 here…still 76 too. Roasting if you ask me. At least this time of year. Sure is nice though to not have those pesky below normal temps! πŸ™‚ We’re looking at upper 80s to low 90s tomorrow. Fun!!!

  4. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    Me too. Please get better. I am tried of this sick crap going around making people ill. 😦 My parents have been sick almost all winter Mom came real close to being hospitalized. X: at God for not doing anything to curb it. Now ON TO THE WARM WEATHER!
    Yes! It’s in the 60s! 66.2F to be exact. and a DP of 36F with clear skies. I bet the temps will drop fast once Mr.Sun goes down.
    PS: I wonder if Bambi will come back on this blog with the warmer weather? Remember that deer that posted on this blog last year that went into Mr Nelson’s garden?

  5. Hey Mat, thanks yeah I am improving now just a deep at times chronic cough. Wouldn’t that have been fun to listen to all night at Izzy’s?
    Today is perfect IMO.
    Sitting at 67.9 here with a light northerly breeze.
    – Dr. Rob

  6. Mat ne portland says:

    Hope you start to feel better soon Rob. Love this weather right now. Tomorrow will be better though.

  7. What a nice day today and well deserved I must say.
    Currently 62.5
    Dewpoint 36
    Wind: Variable 3-6mph
    I would have liked to have attended the meeting at Izzy’s, but I didn’t want to cough on everyone making them sick. So instead I spent about 12-13 hours on the Fox4 live weather chat out of Dallas helping them track the severe weather that pummeled them late Wednesday night-early Thursday morning. The line of strong-severe t-storms that ended up blasting through DFW metroplex originally exploded just west of Odessa, Texas and let me tell you it did so in about 17 minutes. Odessa went from a clear radar return to BOOM that fast. I told everyone in the chat that there was a good possibility that DFW metroplex sees widespread damaging winds/power outages. I based that on the fact that the LLJ was strengthening once you got east of about Brownwood, Texas. Temperatures and dewpoints were actually slightly rising up until the line hit Fort Worth. As the line approached the counties just west of Fort Worth I had up the Lake Granbury (Just SW of Fort Worth) streaming cam and the lightning was intense, then what do I see? Lighting numerous times lit up what appeared to be a wall cloud. Shortly after Glen Rose had a tornado warning. I have to tell you to have 500 people asking me if it’s safe to go to sleep, should I seek shelter, etc is really sobering and gave me great realization as to what these people face and the vast majority fear. They knew I was from Oregon and for them to put that much faith and trust in me was gratifying and made all the hours I put in of tracking, adding analysis, and yes creating maps all worth it. I remember someone from Plano just moments before they received 70-90mph winds blasted said, “Just a ton of lightning here no wind” well I had just created a map based off of Storm Relative Velocities Mode showing rotation about to go right over Plano and I told him to seek shelter immediately.
    [Map I presented to the Fox4 live weather chat just before Plano, Allen, Carrolton, McKinney areas received the worst damage]

    It was a good feeling if I helped in any way keep anyone out of danger as afterwards many told me I had. I’ll likely continue to help them out the during the next round of severe weather.
    – Dr. Rob

  8. TV Weather Producer says:

    I always have fun. I was nodding off, I was busy trying to keep Christine from falling asleep.

  9. Anonymous says:

    snowed yesterday picked up a quick 2inches then it melted. was in the low 30s then high 30s most of the day. now today… 22.3 now gunna be 55:) and tmrw 68 and sunday 72!!!! here!!! the rest of my snow is gunna finally melt.

  10. Professor Mback (TTD) says:

    Were you one of those who had fun Bobby???? Or were you nodding off?

  11. TV Weather Producer says:

    Oregon AMS meeting last night Cherie. Most of us had fun…….

  12. Camas~Mom says:

    I am looking forward to the SUN!

  13. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    I wonder if the toung bitting had hurt? Anyhoo: It’s a marvoulous 59F well Marvoulus IF IT WERE SUNNY! :>
    DP is 37.0F and 0.00″ of new rain today. Yes nothing. 😦 But at least the sun is on it’s way over.

  14. Professor Mback (TTD) says:

    HAHA. I guess I should have cleared that up SP. I figured you would have responded sooner. Guess I will have to stop using the blog as my platform to launch my stand up career….

  15. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    Just for the record, MBACK was joking about me coming to the meeting drunk. Although after the day I had yesterday, I should have. πŸ™‚

  16. Mat ne portland says:

    RIP Boz. We will all miss you.

  17. Luvry says:

    Interesting, I just sent this email to a few of the guys…thought I’d post it here…a ways out but interesting none the less, the euro caught the last cold snap in late march about 10 days out…anyways, here ya go, think what you will of it πŸ™‚
    Not to ring a dead horse but this is getting old…
    GFS and euro want to bring a cold trough down again mid next week???
    GFS text…
    Snow down to 1000 feet? Maybe lower in mid april????? When will it end?
    Crazy weather, I tell you.

  18. salemphil says:

    Don’t look now, but next week is beginning to look a bit like spring break here in Oregon!…green tomato summer on the way???

  19. I was in withdrawls. Man….the lightning in OK was fierce & I was watching the tornado in TX. Glad to know what it was all about :0)

  20. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    Well, it’s looking like an active late afternoon and evening here in Central Indiana.

  21. Professor Mback (TTD) says:

    Nice to see SP and Bobby at the meeting tonight. We represented Ch. 12 and the blog well, I think. SP showed up late, drunk and carrying some sort of alcohol in his pocket. Some people will just never change!!! However, he did a good job of bitting his tongue during the presentation. Way to go SP!!!

  22. Welcome back Mark and thanks for the update. This warmer weather is just what the Dr. ordered, not meaning myself, but I certainly could use it with this nagging respiratory virus.
    – Dr. Rob

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