Back in the Saddle

April 9, 2008

SnapshotWell, a few days off in a nice warm place, I come back and it’s still chilly and drippy.  Okay, there were 2 days last week that were nice, but in general it’s been a long 4 weeks of rain, snow, and "general unpleasantness".  That’s going to come to a quick end Friday-Sunday as we get a first taste of May-June weather.
I boosted high temps up a bit Friday-Saturday based on good offshore flow and a thermal trough developing west of the Cascades.  850mb temps support 74-78 degrees with offshore flow.  So of course, I went wild and shot for the moon (78 degrees Saturday).  It may only be 75, but nice and warm either way.  Do you realize we haven’t even made it to 66 so far this season?  And we’re heading into the middle of April!
The 00z GFS & GEM (Canadian) both show the cool troughiness returning quickly on Monday, so this may only be a temporary break in our cool spring so far.  More tomorrow…By the way, the comments on posts automatically shut off after 1 week, so apparently you’ve been unable to comment for the last 26 hours.  I’m sorry if anyone experienced withdrawal, things are back to normal now..Mark Nelsen