Vacation Time

SnapshotI was checking out snowfall totals again this evening.  Looks  like Government Camp is nowhere near a record, but the lower elevations are.  The numbers speak for themselves.  That winter (1968-1969) was one of the snowiest in recorded history for many areas in the Northwest.

A short post tonight, because I’m getting ready to take 5 days off.  Next post won’t be until next Wednesday.  Considering the weather pattern, I have a feeling it’ll be pretty quiet on this blog anyway.  Nice warm sunshine the next two days is followed by a new stretch of westerly flow and cool temps from Friday through early next week.

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  1. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    Sounds like a neat guy. What were the forcast segments lke in those days and when was this? 80s? It’s 44F and overcast here. my rainfall is going to now be erased with .51 since I erased it last.

  2. Runrain says:

    Hey Antipex, Is Bruce Sussmans brother Brian still down there doing weather? How about Leo Cialino (sp?) on KGO radio? Always liked how when it rains down there everyone panics like when it snows here. I loved my 10 years in the Bay Area, but after the 7 years of draught, a 7.1 earthquake, and walking through the ruins of homes in the East Bay fire, I was glad to come home! The parking is much better here too. You know, one of those empty places on the street where you can leave your car when you want or need to get out of it! (Just joking. Bay Area is a GREAT place.)

  3. I am just old enough to remember Boz on KATU and am sorry to see that he’s passed away. He was one of my favourite forecasters before he retired in 2000. Those were the good ole’ days… with Jim Little on Channel 6 before they went downhill and constant flipping between 2, 6, and 8 to see what forecasts were gonna be.
    On a side note…looks like it’s warming up for sure the end of the week! Temps here are looking like upper 80s to low 90s even. Whew!
    I’m glad that all you up there in Snoregon *cough* I mean… Oregon are going to get a nice batch of warm weather. You really all deserve it, especially after the last few weeks. Enjoy!

  4. Luvry says:

    Yes, Cherie, very well put.
    Heat, to a lot of us, Jim Bosley got us started on our weather “geekism”…I know he’s the one that really got me into it at a young young age. He will be missed dearly! I wish I would have got the chance to know him like others did on a personal level, I bet he had some stories to tell and I’m sure he’s one of those guys that just made you a better person just for knowing him.
    As for Bob, the best known cat in Portland history…he had the Boz to thank for that 🙂

  5. Heat….the man that passed away was a favorite weatherman in Portland for many years. He had the ability to make you feel like he was your best friend. He was a joyful spirit that was loved by all. One of the weather segments he did was with a cat named Bob….a live cat who wore different outfits depicting upcoming weather. It was all very entertaining and fun to watch. He will indeed be missed by any who were lucky enough to have been here during his stint at KATU.

  6. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    So who is this dead guy you are talking about? I haven’t been here long enough to appricaite who ever died unlike you veterans who saw pretty much everything. I am a newbie to our climate since all I have seen was the modern forcasts and warm boring winters.

  7. Hello everyone. This darn respiratory virus has got the best of me for 6 days now, so I’ve been unable to post or keep up on things. It’s sad to hear about Bosley he was a great weatherman and had an overall friendliness about him. You could just see it on TV even.
    Looking at our weather…
    [Radar Loop],%20OR&map.x=400&map.y=240&scale=0.191&centerx=332&centery=145&showlabels=1&rainsnow=0&lightning=0&lerror=20&num_stns_min=2&num_stns_max=9999&avg_off=9999
    Looks like some frisky showers have developed with some showing moderate intensity with perhaps some small hail cores. The end of the week sure looks promising with sunny skies which we deserve.
    – Dr. Rob

  8. AC says:

    As a weather geek growing up in the 1980s, I would watch all three weather segments on the 5 o clock news, first Jim Little on channel 8, John Walls on channel 6 (a bit on the stuffy side, but always had interesting facts) and finally Jim Bosley on channel 2. I always thought his forecasts were a bit dumbed down, and the running joke was he went on last so he can compile his forecast from the other two. But then we can’t all be weather geeks, so I guess the average person needed something they could relate to.
    I also remember the weather map of Oregon they used on channel 2 until about the late 1980s. (IIRC Washington was not on it) It was hand-drawn, and had earphone jacks cooresponding to the cities on the map where one could supposedly dial into the weather station to get the forecast for that city.

  9. jacob BPA says:

    God Bless The Boz
    The Heavens now have the best Weatherman

  10. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    Detroit Lake accroding to Google Earth is 29F and ligh freezing rain. while I am 41F and mostly cloudy. A difference of two worlds.

  11. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    Man, I can remember as a kid growing up watching the Boz every night! We’ll miss you Boz!

  12. Ou by Hillsboro Stadium 1:45 vicious hail….slowed Hwy 26 to 40mph. 2:30 back near the Stadium again….heavy hail. The rest of the day…..10 am-8pm was fine :0)

  13. Tyler in Belfair says:

    So models are showing some real nice weather for this weekend the question is how nice? Seems the models have over predicted the strength of the ridges all spring. I’m thinking mid to upper 60’s. The forecast in my iPod says 77 for Saturday??? What are everyones thougts?

  14. quotes from the Ch 2 site….
    He started work at the station in 1962…
    Bosley did not start out doing weather…..
    but came to KATU to work as the creative director……
    now bear with me all…..
    If Bosley was the creative director when K2 went on the air, does that mean he was the mastermind behind Kirby Brumfields’ Paul Bunyon, Junior Kids show??

  15. amanda says:

    Kim bosley, jim’s daughter, was a life guard at OSU during the late 70’s when jim was the life of AMNW. she often came to work wearing a T-shirt emblazened with his picture. now that’s dedication. she was also on deck guarding when jim had a heart attack. Margie boule and he made such a live team and guaranteed a better weather forecast after the morning news than during the news.

  16. Boydo3 says:

    We will miss you Boz. You left us too soon.
    Hoist, Salud!

  17. …another link to the days of pre computer forecasting gone….rest easy, Boz…..

  18. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    WOW! What a heavy hail shower we had covering the cement. I also logged in 2days 1.14 of rain. 🙂

  19. Professor Mback (TTD) says:
    Looks as though there are some really thick clouds to our south.

  20. Luvry says:

    Yes, what a guy, met him a couple times when I was young on AM NW! Another time was when spiderman was on AMNW when I was REALLY into comics! What a friendly guy, smiled the whole time I was there.
    May peace be with you BOZ and prayers to your family, you will be missed.

  21. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    We will not likely see another Jim Bosley ever again. His kind of weather forecasting is something that just isn’t done anymore, and that is a shame.
    Long live THE BOZ!
    Steve Pierce
    Vancouver, WA.

  22. ke7dkg - Hillsboro says:

    RIP Boz

  23. HVMom/Elev 700 ft says:

    Raise one up for the Boz. Portland icon, weather and otherwise, Jim Bosley, has died. May the sun shine at his face and the wind be at his back.Thought and prayers to the family.

  24. Tyler in Belfair, Wa says:

    Hit a couple of heavy showers with hail in the way up yesterday. This morning it is mostly cloudy with no rainfall yet today.

  25. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    Northwest flow? It’s a toasty 40F here and overcast: Where are you? (X: to the northwest flow statemetn.) I am sure you know what emoticon I am referring too from Western Weather forums.

  26. Eric G says:

    Where is that elusive season called spring? We’re back into the “northwest flow off the Gulf of Alaska, rain showers and small hail, highs in the upper 40s and low 50s” mode once again. This is getting kind of old.
    But next weekend it’s supposed to break into the 70s some places east of the Cascades and in southwest OR. Maybe the Valley area will luck out and get a taste of the heat too…

  27. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    shhhhh it was quiet too quiet. :O It’s 43F with overcast skies and a baro of 29.53.

  28.’s gotta be April somewhere….maybe Baja?

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