On to Warmer Weather

SnapshotI noticed Seattle NWS put out a special statement this evening.  Seattle and Olympia had their coldest last week of March in history.  That would be daytime highs, not average daily temps.  I don’t have an intern, so I sat down on the computer and loaded up PDX’s highs since 1941.  Looks like it’s Portland’s coldest last week of March as well.  The next closest was 49.7 degrees in March 1967, the 3rd coldest was 1999 (50.0).  Winter 1998-1999 was a La Nina winter…what do you know!

Moving on, as I mentioned during the 10pm newscast I was very happy to come in today and see warm/dry weather on tap for the rest of the week.  This snowy period will be a distant memory in just a few days.  The upper-level ridging is not forecast to be that strong the rest of the week.  But in April all you need is no storms and no strong onshore flow to get nice & warm weather.

Long range models are all over the place beginning this weekend, so confidence is pretty low at that point.
..Mark Nelsen

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  1. Mat ne portland says:

    Hey Luvry, thanks for the invite out to the beach house. I had a blast man.

  2. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    What a month…wet and cool!
    Total Precip: 3.73″ (-0.05″)
    Snow: 1.2″
    Highest High: 63.9, 10th
    Lowest Low: 28.1, 22nd
    Highest Wind: WSW 30, 20th
    Most Precip: 0.58″, 13th
    Average High: 52
    Average Low: 35.4
    Mean: 43.7 (-2.7 degrees)
    Cloudy: 25 Days
    Precip: 26 Days
    Snow: 7 Days
    Hail: 4 Days
    Thunder: 1 Day
    Look forward to everyones numbers…
    The rest of my #s are attached.

  3. timmy - scappoose says:

    i love how on Mark’s page there is more recorded snow in the last few days of march, then there were in all of december.

  4. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    26.6 this morning at my house…coldest April low on record for me (records since 1996).
    Beautiful sunshine right now and 52.

  5. N3EG says:

    Low of 27 here in Longview…missed the record by one degree.

  6. Luvry (from lincoln city) says:

    Hey ya’ll, rented a beach house for the week here in Lincoln City. Went in the hot tub last night in COLD temps but the amazing thing was, we could see every single star in the sky…and I just woke up to a beautiful crystal clear skies right on the beach. To think my parents said they woke up to snow here a couple days ago, unbelievable! Mark, this is my version of maui…just 40 degrees colder 🙂

  7. My Current Conditions
    Temp: 34.3
    Dewpoint: 34
    Wind: NE @ 4.2
    Sky: Partly sunny
    Surface gradients as of 9:00 AM
    OLM-EUG +2.2
    PDX-EUG +1.5
    PDX-DLS -0.0
    TTD-DLS -0.6
    – Dr. Rob

  8. I bottomed out at a very tropical 24.8 @ 6:54 AM.
    It certainly feels like the heart of Winter out there this morning. Now some fairly thick fog has developed which is tending to slow down the morning warmth.
    Wow Kyle (Antipex), that’s definitely impressive.
    My Current Conditions
    Temp: 29.3
    Dewpoint: 29
    Wind: Calm
    Sky: Fog/filtered sunshine
    Surface gradients as of 8:00 AM
    OLM-EUG +2.1
    PDX-EUG +1.1
    PDX-DLS -0.3
    TTD-DLS -0.8 The flow has transitioned to offshore
    – Dr. Rob

  9. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Same here Robert. I am near 99th St and Highway 99 and it is getting fogged in pretty quickly. This is a very heavy frost for so late! I’m ready to see some more sun today!

  10. Wow…temp hit 27 here last night. Looks like a record low for this date. Frost everywhere.

  11. Robert in Vancouver says:

    Wow. Did anyone order up a freeze overnight? It was sunny and 25 when I woke up and now the fog has moved in. I suspect there may be an inversion layer developing and it might be hard to break out of the cold air on the ground.

  12. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    30F here. It’s too bad I don’t get cold as most spots like your mid 20s. Can you send some of that here? I will be glad to borrow it.

  13. 25.3
    April Fools….
    Well you’d think I was joking, but no Sir.

  14. TheTriforce Silverton 360ft says:

    32F and clear skies here.

  15. Thanks for the update Mark.
    I see Larry and Moe have already posted on behalf of the three stooges.
    Good morning everyone.
    Currently a very chilly 27.9 here.
    Surface gradients as of 4:00 AM
    OLM-EUG +2.0
    PDX-EUG +1.4 Both have increased northerly flow
    PDX-DLS +0.7
    TTD-DLS +0.3 Both have trended towards offshore flow
    [PDX/Vancouver metro observations]
    It looks like most of the area is below freezing, so drive safely as their may be icy spots.
    – Curly aka Dr. Rob

  16. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    All he had to do was ask me. I have all this data in my head. 🙂 No intern needed.

  17. TV Weather Producer says:

    Thanks Mark! You might not have an intern, but you do have
    a producer! Ha Ha.

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