Latest Snow in Portland?

March 28, 2008

Snapshot2There was some talk in the newsroom today about this maybe being the "latest snow in Portland".  So I spent lunchtime (Nalley’s Chili…only the finest), looking over snowfall data.  You can find PDX Snowfall Data on the Western Climate Data site.  Go to the bottom and you’ll find DAILY SUMMARY STATS, showing record snowfall for each day of the year.  All other Coop sites are on that web page as well if you back up a few menus.
All this is a bit academic, because no measurable snow was recorded at the weather service office today out on 122nd avenue anyway.  There was a trace today, but that is not written down in record books, as you can see in the link up above, so I don’t see how you can claim it’s the latest snow on record.  Since we’re friends, Rod Hill and I talk over the phone at times.  We had a little chat on the phone earlier about what a "trace" of snow means.  We had a mild disagreement (which means I think I’m right and he thinks he is).  We’ll have to have an old-fashioned Southern Duel eh?

So tonight we have a very cold airmass still streaming off the Pacific.  The 1st upper level low is moving into Eastern Washington, swinging an enhanced band of showers into N.W. Oregon and S.W. Washington this evening.  This could be the 1-2" producer for many of you in Clark County (that Steve Pierce is good!).  Other than that, it just looks like scattered snow showers tonight and again Sunday night.  In between it’s too warm at the lowest elevations to snow.

We’ll finally be done with all this snow talk by Monday morning.  Then it’s on to more normal Spring weather next week.  My "cool" forecast for next week (below 60 degrees) is based more on the ECMWF.  I fully admit that the GFS would give us temps well into the 60’s which would be quite nice after our current weather pattern.