Snow Totals: Spring Edition II

Okay, really, this is the last time for the season…snow totals for Friday, March 28th only please.

Into the comments go: New Snow, Location, Elevation

As of 1pm:

6.5"    Lee’s Camp    600′

3"        Corbett            1050′

2"        Washougal    1000′

4"        Washougal      850′

2"        Sandy             1000′

2"        Tillamook        S. Level

2"        Rose Lodge     200′

2"        Council Crest   900′

1"        Sylvan                750′

1"        Happy Valley    500′

1/2"    Orchards            200′

1/2"    S.W. Portland    700′


36 Responses to Snow Totals: Spring Edition II

  1. Mark Nelsen says:

    2″ on ground, Corbett, 1050′. Yesterday’s was gone by 4pm, then heavy hail shower turned to snow around 5pm. It started to melt, then another 1″ or so around 7pm.

  2. David Willis says:

    Yacolt Mt rd Yacolt Wa
    close to 10 in on the ground really got hammered last night and today.

  3. wendy-silverlake,wa says:

    I ended up with 3 inches new last night, and my dad in Kelso about 650 ft. got 5 1/2 inches last night.

  4. Blog Power says:

    A couple totals from Washington but still interesting, these are from friends of mine. (All today)
    About 6 inches at Lake Goodwin, elevation ~500ft
    About 9 inches at North Bend, elevation ~1100ft.
    About 5 inches in Granete(sp) county, ~450ft
    About 4 inches somewhere in Bellingham ~350ft
    About 1/2 inch in Covington elevation unknown

  5. kirk says:

    4″ total . . . 8 miles north of Washougal . . . 1000ft

  6. David Willis says:

    Yacolt Mt Rd Yacolt Wa
    total 2 days about 6 plus on the ground.

  7. wendy-silverlake,wa says:

    We’ve gotten 1 1/2 inches of new snow in the last hour. Don’t know the whole total as it kept melting off all day.

  8. Robert in Vancouver says:

    1-2″ Hazel Dell 300′. Sorry for the broad range. My wife isn’t as concerned about the specifics as I am, but she lived in Michigan for 25 years, so I think she has a pretty good idea of what 1-2″ of snow looks like.

  9. Mat ne portland says:

    Sorry Mark. Was thinking this was the prior post.

  10. Mat ne portland says:

    JN, is it possible to have sleet right now? I didn’t know there was a little layer above us to warm the precip enough to melt it into sleet. Thats not a good thing for tonight if thats the case.

  11. Michael Goss says:

    We had a dusting of snow this morning, as well as a couple heavy graupel and hail showers.
    Carver, OR, ~100ft elevation

  12. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    As of 7:20 PM, 1″ in the Minnehaha area of Vancouver, 275′. 1/2″ this morning, and another 1/2″ in the last 1.5 hours.

  13. JN (ENE of washougal at 850') says:

    Totals as of 7pm 1.5″ at my house (melted) and 4″ at my property.
    (Mark, slope always makes a big diffrence around here. In early Feb. I had 19″ at 850′ at my north facing property and only 4″ at my south facing house three mi. away. You had 9″ that day at your house.)

  14. JN (ENE of washougal at 850') says:

    1/2″ of sleet/groupel with a trace of fluffy snow on top. All fell in 6 min.

  15. kirk says:

    3.5″ . . . 8 miles north of Washougal . . . 1000ft

  16. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Picked up another .2″ here in a hail and graupel, then snow, shower about 30 minutes ago

  17. as of 8am, 1 inch, now melted and replaced by hail piles…

  18. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    Not in the metro area. But we have 5.25 inches of snow here in Ellensburg, Wa and still snowing, 33 degrees. 2000 feet.

  19. TheTriforce says:

    I forgot to include elevation: It’s 360ft near the Gardens

  20. TheTriforce says:

    Wow! We now have a snow totals section now for when storms come in. 🙂 Here in Silverton we got a dusting on our shed roof and barly on the grass. Snowed hard at 7:00ish woke up again about 9ish and it stopped.

  21. Steve R. says:

    Zilch in Tanasbourne

  22. Jesse-Orchards says:

    About a half inch here. 200′
    Closer to an inch at my Dad’s in the heights. 300′

  23. kirk says:

    2″ . . . 8 miles north of Washougal at 1000ft

  24. Trace, Sweet Home, 580’……..has since melted.

  25. JN (ENE of washougal at 850') says:

    South slope of mt. plesent (my house) at 850 ft. about 1″ of slush was melting but sticking again now.
    North slope of mt. Zion (my property just north of cape horn) at 850 ft. 4″ and building fast.

  26. timmy says:

    trace here along the river in columbia city!

  27. Bryan says:

    Just over 1/2″ at approx 650′ in SW Portland (Hillsdale).

  28. Laurie (Sylvan) says:

    Almost one inch at Sylvan. 750′

  29. Char says:

    2″ exactly
    Base of Council Crest park approx. 900′ Enough already!

  30. Christiana in Beaverton (Baseline & 163rd) says:

    Trace as 9:07am. Beaverton Or Baseline & 163. I think about 200 ft

  31. Runrain says:

    Solid 1″ at 525ft in Happy Valley. Snow on road is turning to slush.

  32. jacob BPA says:


  33. Mark Nelsen says:

    3″, 2 miles E. Corbett, 1050′

  34. h. says:

    A bit over two inches and still falling in Rose Lodge, Oregon. About 200 feet above sea level.

  35. Gresham Gal says:

    1/4 inch,snowing hard,W.Gresham, near Highland Dr., 472 ft. BIGGEST SNOW FLAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN.

  36. Runrain says:

    1/2 inch, snowing hard, Happy Valley, 525ft.

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