Last Blast of Winter?

March 20, 2008

These pictures were sent by Amanda out in Sandy and Kathleen in the hills above Amity.  Tonight’s cold front was able to briefly push snow levels down below 1,000′ in spots.  Once again precipitation intensity really matters.  We know it stuck down below 500′ just east of Neskowin and below that elevation in the Tillamook Valley.  Then the east side of the metro area up around/above 1,000′ picked up a half inch or so of snow before 9pm.  We had a wind gust to 32 mph on our roof, and I see McMinnville and Aurora had gusts around 40 mph.  Pretty good for the first day of spring!

More active weather is on the way for Oregon’s Spring Break.  A quick switch to offshore flow, warmer 850mb temps, and abundant sunshine in late March means a dramatic warming Saturday.  According to the temperature "magic chart", we could see as warm as 64 on Saturday.  Of course I’m getting old and conservative, so 60 seems like a safe bet.

Tonight’s AMS meeting had a heck of a turnout…almost 30.  A bit tight in the KPTV conference room, but Tyree Wilde and Andy Bryant from the National Weather service gave a great wrap-up of the windstorm and flooding the first few days of December.  Hopefully in the Fall the Oregon Chapter AMS will put together a detailed look at the Vancouver Tornado too.  I got to meet a few more of the regular readers of this blog as well.  It’s always nice to put faces together with names.

Rainy weather and westerly flow resumes Sunday and ALL of next week.  The 00z GFS is quite cold at times again…showing 850mb temps down around -6 or -7 deg C.  That’s pretty cold for the last week of March.  A 75 degree sunny day can’t be too far away right?  We’ll see…Mark Nelsen