Nice Cold Front Today

March 18, 2008

SnapshotI noticed a quick change in wind direction and drop in dewpoint behind today’s cold front.  In fact you could track the front over about a 9 hour period from Portland all the way east on I-84 to Ontario.  I feel sorry for those who were driving into the strong post-frontal westerly wind surging east of the Cascades.  Mileage must have been REALLY bad from Pendleton to Hood River don’t you think?  Check out the speeds on the graphic.

Another wave moves inland by morning, it’s somewhat obvious on the satellite imagery this evening.  Models continue to say most of the moisture will go in to the south, then we just get leftover convective-type showers in the afternoon up here in Northwest Oregon.

The colder airmass seen behind (speckly clouds on satellite) arrives on Thursday.  Looks like snow levels with steady precipitation drop to 2,000′ during the day Thursday.  Then Thursday night and Friday morning it may go slightly lower.  This IS the sort of setup where a sustained period of heavy precip could drop the snow level down to 1,500′ or less.  You may remember 1998 when several inches of snow fell above 1,000′  in the first few days of April…unlikely, but possible.  I also see that all record highs from here on out are in the 70’s…come on ridging!  Unfortunately, there is no sign of any sort of that in the long range maps.  Oregon’s spring break is looking quite wet next week…Mark Nelsen