Cold Showers

March 13, 2008

SnapshotThe cold airmass along with it’s showers definitely has arrived.  A shortwave moving through this evening gave us some healthy downpours here in the metro area.  A 2nd wave is sitting (actually it’s moving quickly) right over 130W here at 11:15pm.  It will be here soon after daybreak.  Then I’m planning on more sunbreaks midday-afternoon tomorrow to give us a better chance of convection.  We didn’t get any lightning strikes west of the Cascades.  There were several strikes between Pendleton and Walla Walla around sunset, but that’s it here in the Northwest. 

Snowfall is coming down like it should in March too.  NW Avalanche center sensors indicate about 18" since yesterday evening up at Timberline.  The image up above (or left or right or below depending on your browser and window size), shows the snowfall so far each winter up to February 28th.  I think we’ll add a few feet to this winter’s total over the next week as well.  I notice that evey single long range model has consistently wet weather over the next 7-10 days…Make up time for the warm and sunny weather is definitely here!  The 2nd half of March will be wet….Mark Nelsen