Cold Showers On The Way

March 11, 2008

SnapshotI found this old graphic in the archives and decided to use it at 11pm tonight since I have little to nothing else to talk about.

It does appear that a much colder airmass (especially in the upper levels) will move over the Northwest later Thursday-Sunday.  With surface temps just a few degrees cooler than today’s, the atmosphere should destabilize nicely each afternoon.  I notice the Lifted Index for Thursday and Friday is forecast to be right around zero, which is good for spring hail and thundershowers.  Not a severe weather situation for sure, but we usually get active weather this time of year (March-June) with cold troughs.

I don’t really have any other great thoughts on my mind at this hour.  We are inbetween the February and May ratings period here in TV land, so that always means it’s a bit more mellow in the newsroom.  The start of Season #4 BSG is still 3 weeks away, so not too much to get wound up about there yet either…Mark Nelsen