Slogging Through March

March 10, 2008

SnapshotAs I was coming in to work today thinking how slow the weather has been.  We really haven’t had any sort of significant system/storm since February 7th!  So basically it’s been really quiet in the First Live Local Weather Center.  I think I mentioned this a few posts back, but during the What Will the Winter Be Like meeting in early November, most forecasters expected the 2nd half of the winter to be very active with plentiful mountain snow.  Instead after amazing snowfall totals (especially in the lower elevations), we’ve see little additional accumulation over the last month.  I still don’t see a big "dump" coming up in the Cascades either.  So it’s a good thing that we got all that snow.

With the warm weather today, I was out planting my first spinach and lettuce (under a warming plastic hoop in anticipation of cold/wet weather ahead).  It made me think of that spring 3 years back.  Remember all those days in early March that felt more like May?  Then around mid-March, cold westerly flow returned and we went through a wet period that lasted for MANY weeks.  Weather patterns can change quickly in spring, and then linger for a long time too.  I don’t have the numbers, but I enjoyed last spring…no long periods of rain OR sunny/warm weather.  It was a good mix of some dry weather and then wet periods.  We’ll see how this spring turns out.

Short term, a nice cold front moved through this evening, but wimpy with rainfall totals (again).  Showers resume in the next few hours as the westerly flow pushes in behind the front.  Then 2 more quiet weather days tomorrow and Wednesday.

A colder trough drops in towards us Thursday for steadier rain, then moves directly overhead Friday and Saturday for cold showers and maybe hail or thunder?  If the airmass is cold enough, we may see snow below 2,000′ at some point between Friday AM and Sunday AM. 

The trough moves east Sunday, and model solutions vary after that time.  Some show more troughiness, others a milder southwest wet flow…Mark Nelsen