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SnapshotToday was the  warmest day so far this season…63 at PDX.  Just barely within my 3 degree margin of error (I forecast 60)…whew!

The well advertised strong cold front is still on track to arrive Friday evening.  This should finally give us a brief soaking.  We really haven’t had significant rain in almost 3 weeks.  Hard to believe…but the same thing happened back in 2005 as well.  We had about a 3 week period of unusually warm weather ending in mid-March.  Then it rained off/on for about 5 weeks.

I’ve got a day off tomorrow, so the next post won’t be until Monday.  Enjoy the weekend…Mark Nelsen

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  1. Yeah it sure was a quick mover. I noticed the southerly surface OLM-EUG/PDX-EUG gradients both maxed out at -7.2 and -3.7mb, so the front was a bit vigorous. I had a few SW gusts over 30mph here. It was more of a wind shift line than anything more so than a big rain producer. It was rather crisp today felt like Winter was trying its best to hang on at least.
    Different topic. Has anyone noticed any spiders outside? The last 2 nights we have had the very large house/foundation type spiders right near our back patio steps. (You know those giant nasty brownish/hairy type? The ones you probably don’t want biting you.) I just think it’s rare to see them this early in the year and hoping this isn’t some type of precursor to this Summer as usually we see them during the warm season. At any rate seeing 5 of them in March let alone in July isn’t something I am used to.
    – Rob

  2. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Fast moving front today…went from a hint of sun this morning, to rain, then to showers all in about 6 hours.

  3. TheTriforce AKA Heatblizzard, Silverton OR, 360Ft says:

    It’s 42F heere, DP 36f annnnnnnnnndddddddddd.(Looks out window) Pah, It’s overcast.

  4. Sean (Lebanon, IN) says:

    Been awhile since I posted, figured I would check to see how everyone is doing out there. For the winter it’s been a warmer and wetter than normal (but at least normal snowfall 21.8″ is normal and we’ve had 21.0″). Did get a chance to experience some warmth for once, hit 67 yesterday. But now have a pretty good storm heading our way, possibly .25-.50″ of ZR and a few inches of snow. Most counties are now starting to run out of road salt and liquid deicer so they’ve had to start putting out sand.
    I’m ready for winter to be over though and get to some spring and summer warmth.. Take care everyone!

  5. ….at 10:30 this morning, driving from Estacada to Colton, windshield splat test revealed big wet squishy snowflakes in the rain for a little while……back to you tri-force…..

  6. B1900 Pilot Bethany, OR (400') says:

    Wow, 65 on Thursday. Mark you’re getting my hopes up…

  7. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    The Domestic Terrorist Organization ELF attacked the street of Dreams in Washington today. I was just watching some of this mornings footage on the news. The whole street was on fire. I hope these guys are caught and put behind bars for a long time.

  8. Camas Mom says:

    It’s pretty yucko here. Still below 40 I believe (haven’t checked in a while), and rainy. ACK! Let’s hope we get that reaaaaaaaaaally nice stretch we usually do later in the month. I so hope we have a nice spring…we sure as heck deserve an incredible summer! Yesterday Larch Mtn had a slight dusting on the very top. We drove over to Gresham and I had never really looked over at our hill from the other side of the river. When you look at Prune Hill, Livingston is to the NE between Prune Hill and Larch Mtn, and you can see the doppler ball on the top. I was surprised at how good of a view it is from there! Since we on the NE side, we couldn’t see much of Portland even if we didn’t have trees in the way.
    Anyway – Happy March everyone!

  9. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Looks like rain moves in very shortly. Things are clouding over quickly after a quick burst of sun this morning.

  10. The Triforce Silverton Or by the gardens,360ft says:

    And that is a look at the Metro weather. Over to you Triforce (Mark hands mike over to Triforce) Now for the Silverton Weather Report. (commercials rudely interrupt for 20mins) Okay, Where were we?, Oh yes,
    It’s 39F and dp 36 with a tad shade of dark grey but nothing too bad that we can’t handle, Evergreen Trees are moving very slightly, Wind direction unkown) Back to you Mark. (Hands Microphone over to Mark,) (who hands it to another newscast to talk about some sick rape assualt and a drug dude being busted.)

  11. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    My #s for February…
    Highest High: 62.9, 18th
    Lowest High: 37.9, 2nd
    Highest Low: 45.2, 9th
    Lowest Low: 27.0, 17th
    Highest Wind: SSE 29, 6th
    Most precip: 0.83″, 2nd
    Precip: 2.12″ (-2.42″, or 47%)
    Avg High: 52.1 (+2.5 degrees)
    Avg Low: 35.2 (+0.7 degrees)
    Mean: 43.6 (+1.6 degrees)
    Cloudy: 21
    Precip: 19
    Hail: 0
    Thunder: 0
    32-: 9
    What a nice month! A good break after the
    day-after-day of clouds winter and oh ya, no summer
    last year either.
    5 days at/above 60, that is a record for me for

  12. Michael Goss says:

    No, it was at the Seattle NWS office, actually. But that’s not far from the UW.

  13. Jesse-Camas says:

    Michael, was the weather workshop up at UW?

  14. Jesse-Camas says:

    Looks like February ended feeling more like March and March began feeling more like February.
    Had a chilly low of 30 at my house this morning, still only 45 here at work in Camas.

  15. Michael Goss says:

    It’s going pretty well! I got to see a lot of the folks up at the weather workshop yesterday:
    Dave E.
    Bill S.
    It was a good time. I saw that you were involved in creating a couple of the talks. They were very interesting!

  16. Sandman, Aloha says:

    Same here, clear night turns to frost and then fog. The sun is already glowing up the fog so it is going to clear fast. My honey bees are going to be rock’n soon.

  17. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    It takes a while for a comment to post.
    It is mostly cloudy here with temps around freezing. There is some low lying ground fog.

  18. The Triforce aka Heatblizzard says:

    hmmmm, That is odd. I refreashed the page and my comment did not appear so I typed it in again thinking maybe I forgot to include my email since I am not use to this blog now. Oh well. Too bad I can’t delete or edit my comments here. I am spoiled at the forums.

  19. The Triforce aka Heatblizzard Silverton Or 360' says:

    It’s 33.8 here and a very light frost with blue skies and a couple high clouds like 2 or 3.

  20. TheTriforce aka Heatblizzard silverton Or near the gardens 360ft says:

    It’s 33.8 here and a very light frost and blue skies and a very few high clouds.

  21. ChuckyD81 says:

    How goes it man?

  22. Michael Goss says:

    It was great meeting you today, Mark! Thanks for chatting with me today. I always enjoy discussing all things weather.

  23. … to remember it’s still winter….suppress disappointment of 37.8 degrees in the middle of the afternoon……..must keep faith that sun will come back……

  24. Pilot reports coming in of icing between 13 and 14 thousand feet this morning.

  25. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    There is a lot of clearing off of the coast to move in here later today, this could help build up some thunderstorms for us. It may be one of those days where the immediate coast is mostly sunny while areas just inland see more clouds since we see the build ups over land.
    Just had a nice shower move through with some mammatus clouds, and another round is headed in now.

  26. Jory - Sandy says:

    Here is something new… The NWS is thinking about changed the criteria for winter storms, warnings, and advisories. Here is some ‘light’ reading on this…

  27. Mat-ne portland says:

    I need snow. I’m really deprived. Only about 9 more months til theres a chance again.

  28. The advancing strong cold front that is just about onshore now.

  29. Wind is sure picking up out here, gusts are in the 20-25 range. What is causing this wind??

  30. Hmmm ok subsiding now to 22-27mph. A nice little burst for a moment there though.

  31. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    Pulling the trigger early ehhhh??? 🙂 Looks like you need to revise that graphic. We are currently at 62 degrees with a strong south wind. Looks like we have now had 5 days with 60 or above at PDX. Maybe you forgot this was a leap year? 🙂

  32. You’re welcome Ice.
    Well Well….
    I just had a south wind gust to 38.4 … Heard it easily. Our weather is definitely about to become active soon.

  33. Thanks for the updates, Rob 🙂
    I’ve enjoyed looking at the sky today – lots of variety in the cloud layers, etc. The relative warmth and the way the sky looks seem to suggest some good storminess afoot – I hope that translates tomorrow to a few thunderstorms in the area…

  34. Good afternoon everyone.
    Another nice day out there for sure. It sure warmed up nicely in the warm sector out ahead of the rapidly approaching strong cold front. There is a nicely defined back edge telling us that this is a sharp cold front. Behind that I like that there is not a mass of low clouds evident. Looks like fairly quick clearing then the unstable airmass regime moves inland.
    [IR Loop]
    Shows all of this very nicely. Back edge of cold front approaching 127 W now. A very nice looking CU field with the accompanying cold pool aloft is moving eastward. Looks like a couple of embedded small vort max/short waves also.
    62.8 here with increasing S-SSW winds. I still am wondering if any convection is possible with a strong cold front moving into a somewhat warmer airmass. Probably not, but it would not shock me. Then tomorrow looks to possibly be very active. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a cold core funnel report or maybe a t-storm gets frisky enough for a strong t-storm and maybe just maybe the slightest chance of a brief severe t-storm warning. That’s obviously a very slight chance.
    Surface gradients as of 2:00 PM
    OLM-EUG -5.0
    PDX-EUG -2.0
    These will both increase until the cold front has passed. I can foresee some possible very gusty conditions maybe 35+mph briefly as it does pass by as heavier precip will aid in pulling down stronger winds aloft towards the surface. Definitely not high or damaging, but it could be very noticeable, or easily heard.
    – Rob

  35. Hi Camas Momma.
    Actually I was not asleep. It sure is a relatively warm morning out there. The sky has a look to it that it wants to even pop off some type of convection even with the cold front. This is probably a very very slight chance and is my opinion and my opinion only.

  36. Camas~Mom says:

    Good morning Rob! You’re probably asleep right now. I hope the soaking isn’t too bad – and 5 weeks straight of rain? UGH! Have a great weekend all!

  37. Surface gradients as of 5:00 AM
    PDX-DLS -2.5
    TTD-DLS -3.0

  38. [IR Loop]
    Sure shows a nicely developing cold front to about 130.5 W now (As the PDX NWS AFD also mentions)
    Low pressure is seen near roughly 36.2 W, 48 N moving NE. Back behind the cold front near 138 W is the advancing cold pool aloft indicated by the cold air CU field. This looks good to me for very active showers/t-storms. It looks like to me the cold front is going to push through quickly and there should not be a thick gray mass of low level onshore clouds making it hard to destabilize the atmosphere.

  39. Did anyone else lose their power? Mine was out for well over an hour. I haven’t any clue as to what the cause was.
    This is an excerpt from the PDX NWS AFD.
    Sounds favorable for some action. If we can get some decent low level heating with the increasingly stronger late February sun we could fire off a really frisky storm or two.
    Surface gradients as of 3:00 AM
    PDX-DLS -2.2
    TTD-DLS -2.6

  40. Thanks for the update Mark and have a nice weekend. That goes for everyone as well.
    Surface gradients as of 11:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -1.5
    TTD-DLS -2.2
    Good night everyone.
    – Rob

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