A Forecast Bust

SnapshotWell, what a way to screw up a forecast…a beautiful day with temperatures up around 60 degrees in late February is a "10" in my book.

This afternoon’s cold front just fell apart as it crossed overhead.  No rainfall was recorded west of the Cascades as far as I know.  Then the mixing with light southerly wind pushed temperatures up nicely.

Tonight we just have high clouds streaming across the region.  The next cold front, which will be significantly stronger, arrives Friday evening.  That gives us a great day tomorrow, then mostly dry again Friday.

I noticed several of you commenting on the sunspots (or lack of them).  I saw something similar a few weeks ago and find it fascinating.  What if we ARE headed towards a Maunder Minimum…wouldn’t that be a surprise!   This is another reason to keep an open mind about climate issues.  Mark Nelsen

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  1. Robert in Vancouver says:

    How about another “10” forecast for Friday, Mark? 😉
    For anyone interested, here is a link to a clip that is related to the Little Ice Age associated with the Maunder Minimum and how it relates to global warming. I’m not espousing the clip – just providing it for information. Everyone on the blog seems analytical enough to interpret data and form their own opinions.

  2. Good evening everyone.
    Well what another fabulous day this was. Another perfect 10 I’d say.
    I am looking forward to the sharp cold front tomorrow evening with a nice shot of rain/wind, then Saturday possibly some good convective hail/t-storms.
    Surface gradients as of 9:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -1.5
    TTD-DLS -1.7
    Offshore flow east winds will increase slowly all night. Tomorrow I will be posting the OLM-EUG/PDX-EUG southerly surface gradients as well as the strong cold front approaches.

  3. Long time no post! I’ve been consumed with other things… But have been reading the blog off and on. Blog get together would be nice.
    Loved the sunshine today! It was a perfect day for February.
    Interesting about the sun spots too. Wonder if we are in for a “colder” era???
    Take care everyone!

  4. Blog Meetup? 26th of June. 😛

  5. Camas~Mom says:

    Keeping an open mind in the global warming debate is just common sense since we just don’t have that much recorded history to go by as far as human involvement goes. Sadly it’s become such a political issue that reality is hardly dealt with anymore. I’m with you Nof Colton – let’s keep it real but do the best we can to keep our environment healthy. Frankly, what I do not need is higher heating bills! I have that one all wrapped up.
    I don’t miss the rain one little bit. Or the cold. Let’s have an early summer as far as I’m concerned!

  6. Luvry says:

    Cherie, sounds good to me!
    Just let me know when everyone plans on it!

  7. Let’s start now planning a blog get together.
    Send ideas for dates & locations to
    also….if you have not done so please add me to MSN or Windows Live or whatever it is called. I also use Yahoo as vernonia1
    I am thinking Hillsboro might be a mid-point for all?? Am I close. Just need to get an idea of a tentative date/place/time to see if we can make this happen.

  8. …here’s another sun and other space things link…

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Nof out near Carlton says:

    This is too funny I gotta share, and its weather related.
    Another sign of the impending future? I sure hope Intel (where I work) isn’t on the short list to have there power cut in an emergency. That would be hugely expensive.

  11. Nof out near Carlton says:

    Heres a good site for solar activity monitoring.
    Think in broad terms of the Earth as a giant sponge soaking up the sun’s energy. The longer the sun’s output stays low the more time the planet has to bleed off the stored energy (Oceans). Notice the sea ice up north has recovered rather dramatically from last summers well published lows.
    Hopefully commonsense returns before were all taxed for breathing.

  12. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    I think it is Maunder Minimum, not Mauder. She was the evil sister. 🙂

  13. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    “IN” years!

  14. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    Ahhhh, Mauder! I have not seen her is years. 🙂

  15. Jesse-Orchards says:

    It was actually a pretty nice day Mark, I’ll have to admit it, lol.
    I guess I just miss the rain a bit. It has been a couple weeks since we’ve had a good soaker.

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