A Forecast Bust

February 27, 2008

SnapshotWell, what a way to screw up a forecast…a beautiful day with temperatures up around 60 degrees in late February is a "10" in my book.

This afternoon’s cold front just fell apart as it crossed overhead.  No rainfall was recorded west of the Cascades as far as I know.  Then the mixing with light southerly wind pushed temperatures up nicely.

Tonight we just have high clouds streaming across the region.  The next cold front, which will be significantly stronger, arrives Friday evening.  That gives us a great day tomorrow, then mostly dry again Friday.

I noticed several of you commenting on the sunspots (or lack of them).  I saw something similar a few weeks ago and find it fascinating.  What if we ARE headed towards a Maunder Minimum…wouldn’t that be a surprise!   This is another reason to keep an open mind about climate issues.  Mark Nelsen