Plenty of Snow

SnapshotIt’s snow survey time up in the mountains again here at the end of the month.  I could tell by the file date that I used this same graphic on January 31st.  A bit more snow fell in early February, but since then the shovels have been more or less put away up in the mountains.  I see this site in the Bull Run Watershed has gone from 348% of normal to 288%.  But the depth and amount of water in the snowpack hasn’t changed much (water increased a bit).  That means very little melting has occurred above the foothills in the Cascades.  So our big winter snowpack is just sitting up there waiting to supply us with irrigation, power, and drinking water later this Spring.

Not a whole lot of snow coming up in the Cascades the next few days, but Friday-Sunday do look quite a bit cooler with a significant cold trough swinging through.   Mark Nelsen

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  1. Jory - Sandy says:

    I heard about that. Some scientists are getting worried we may be in for a new Maunder Minumum. (the chief cause of the little ice age) Out of curiousity, I then went to the SOHO Solar observatory website, and sure enough. Still no sunspots. Here is the link to it…
    If this does come to pass, even the vaunted Portland ‘weather forcefield’ will be hard pressed to keep snow from the area.

  2. Bruce Clark says:

    So how do you folks spoze the GW bozo’s will spin this?
    I wonder if future winters will be even more fun than this one??

  3. no rain today again
    birds chirping with joy of dry
    sure hope spring is nice

  4. Luvry says:

    So I think this is about the time we say goodbye to a lot of the winter meanderers. It’s been one heck of a close call winter. I won’t summarize, we know how dissapointed a lot of us were and how amazingly fortunate others were! This winter wore me out but I had a great time talking to everyone and hearing everyone’s veiwpoint. I’m sure I’ll talk to some of you on MSN here and there just to BS to for storm reports… I will be in here fairly frequently myself seeing how everyone is doing and discuss the upcoming possibilities of Tstorms and heatwaves but I’m always depressed once we leave the winter season and face reality that us lowlanders won’t see any snow from this point on.
    Hope everyone stays safe and I can’t wait for our first outbreak of storms across the NW.
    As for those of you that won’t be back until next fall or ealy winter, I wish you the best and look forward to talking to you again in about 6-7 months. I hope that all those that had any damage this winter to thier homes have time to repair and get back to normal.
    Rob, keep up your posts man, love hearing them!
    As far as myself…just in the middle of a move, we all know how fun those are, other than that, just slowly meandering the road of life. Man…I’m cheesy.
    Talk soon,

  5. What a perfect day today!
    Rating: 10
    Stars: 5
    Approval rating: 97%
    Mostly sunny, but a few clouds to keep the sun out of your eyes. Perfect light breezes to keep the air moving so nothing gets stagnant. Temps in the low 60’s so there is no need to a jacket or sweater. I am liking this early taste of Spring we are being fortunate enough to have.
    I am however hoping the trough projected for this weekend delivers the goods.

  6. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Looks like a busted forecast today. Already plenty of sunshine, a few high clouds, and temperatures around 55 degrees.
    Pretty disappointing for me. I was really looking forward to a cooler, rainier day. The weak systems are getting old. I have absolutely despised the pattern of the last couple weeks. About as bad as it can get for late winter, in my opinion.
    I hope the trough Friday-Sunday is active, cold and wet.

  7. Thanks for the update Mark. Good to hear we will be in fine condition come this late Spring-Summer with all of the snowpack remaining. Hmmm “significant” trough. I like the sounds of that. This probably means colder air aloft and fairly active convective showers, perhaps hail and t-storms also.

  8. Nof out near Carlton says:

    I feel as though were going to pay for all this nice weather the last 2+ weeks…what form it takes?? I have no idea.

  9. DallasBob@500 feet says:


  10. Thanks Mark ! Fab 5 meeting tomorrow evening 9pm.

  11. Thanks Mark for the blog and the update. Fab 5 Meeting tomorrow evening.

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