Plenty of Snow

February 26, 2008

SnapshotIt’s snow survey time up in the mountains again here at the end of the month.  I could tell by the file date that I used this same graphic on January 31st.  A bit more snow fell in early February, but since then the shovels have been more or less put away up in the mountains.  I see this site in the Bull Run Watershed has gone from 348% of normal to 288%.  But the depth and amount of water in the snowpack hasn’t changed much (water increased a bit).  That means very little melting has occurred above the foothills in the Cascades.  So our big winter snowpack is just sitting up there waiting to supply us with irrigation, power, and drinking water later this Spring.

Not a whole lot of snow coming up in the Cascades the next few days, but Friday-Sunday do look quite a bit cooler with a significant cold trough swinging through.   Mark Nelsen