A Nice Weekend!

February 22, 2008

SnapshotThis images sums up the 7 Day forecast quite well.  It’s the 6-10 day forecast of 500mb anomalies.  Click on it to get a less blurry view.  You’ll see a ridge centered right over us and the rest of the West Coast.  This ridge builds behind the California storm this weekend.  So very little (or no) rain will fall this upcoming Monday-Friday workweek.

As for this weekend, tomorrow is looking real nice with strong offshore flow developing on the north side of the California Low.  It doesn’t really kick in until the afternoon, so we may have lingering clouds in the morning.  850mb. temps aren’t all that warm, so I don’t think it’ll be a 60 degree day.

The lingering moisture and a sort of deformation band moves north into Oregon tomorrow night and Sunday.  I changed the Sunday forecast to mostly dry based on 00z models keeping almost all the rain with this to our south and east.  The farther south and east you go this weekend, the better chance for rain.  This will be one of those rare times where Astoria and the North Coast will be the driest spot in the region.
It’ll be in the last week of February…so the combination of warm 850mb temps, some offshore flow, and increasing sun angle could easily push us well into the 60’s…a true taste of spring on the way!  Mark Nelsen