Hard to Find Rain

SnapshotAnother slow weather night.  I sure didn’t think we’d have a quiet February weatherwise in a La Nina winter. 
Tonight’s system only gave us a trace of rainfall, and now I see our RPM model shows very few showers tomorrow.
A nice break Saturday, just like today, as a stronger system moves into California.  We get those leftovers Sunday.
The big picture shows a split in the Jet or a ridge along the West Coast through the end of the month (next Friday).  So it appears February is going to be a dry month….Mark Nelsen

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  1. Tyler Mode in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Here are some beach photos…

    66. Low Clouds

    In terms of storm damage…as you can see from the one attached pic, and the ones in the album, there are trees down everywhere. On my uncle’s block alone, there are STILL 20 downed trees, and I even saw some still on houses. I took a short trail at Fort Columbia, but was forced to turn around do to the large number of trees down.
    Great viewing of the lunar eclipse and a meteor as well.

  2. salemphil says:

    Oh yea….anootthhherrrr close call LOL!!

  3. Ok this is the best loop to use now as the storm has moved closed.
    I think the fact you can clearly see it has jogged a bit north from moving due east is a tad concerning.
    [Created map of where I think landfall will be]

    This is ONLY based on the lows current overall movement which is E then ENE then E. As we know lows of this type of strength often do not just head off in an easterly direction. So I do expect some northward component to its movement to continue. We don’t want this coming to much further north. On a track like this we could see some major east winds.
    – Rob

  4. salemphil says:

    cool, as long as it is nice for the boat show in albany tomorrow I’ll be happy lol. Can’t buy one, just feel like teasing myself LOL! Maybe I can find a cheap one somewhere to get myself as a graduation present…hint hint anyone LOL!!

  5. Hi Phil.
    It’s supposed to be north of San Fransisco I believe. Yeah it does give the appearance that it wants to curl north, but that is not expected. I am going to be watching this carefully.

  6. salemphil says:

    LOL, like there was any doubt!!

  7. salemphil says:

    Rob, where is that supposed to make landfall at? To me it looks like it is headed our way, but I don’t recall anything about much rain being in the forcast.

  8. Why did it sign me out? Stupid type pad…
    Yeah, that was me…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have put together an awesome loop of the evolution of this beast.
    Right now the center is moving NE. We do not want this to misbehave from what models show. This is not a low we would want to be messing with.
    The only impact we should see are east winds and how strong? I think there could be quite strong east winds as this approaches northern California.

  10. Mat-ne portland says:

    Wow, this place is busy. Don’t worry, snow is coming. Soon, in cosmic time.

  11. Aleta- west gresham says:

    I see a sun dog out the window so probably rain in the next couple of days.

  12. Hey Luvry…Cherie is doing as well as can be expected…
    drop her a line!

  13. DEL X V says:

    Nice line of towering cumulus dumping snow on Mt Jefferson during this noon time….clouds moving due northward.

  14. Luvry says:

    Hey Everyone! Thought I’d drop by and see what’s goin on with everyone. Haven’t posted much lately after the mid winter burnout and close calls, lol…that and life has been stressful in general lately, I’m sure everyone is familiar with that! Loving this weather, perfect for my move this weekend! Wouldn’t mind one more good storm but I’m also looking forward to the spring type popcorn storms we will start seeing soon 🙂
    Hope everyone is well!!!
    PS, anyone have an update on Cherie is doing?

  15. Mat-ne portland says:

    Hey C-mom, we’re still waiting for that pic of you in the bikini, lol.

  16. Camas~Mom says:

    Bo-9 takes first! (the crowd goes wild…..yeahhhhh)
    I too am ready for Spring and looking forward to a great day tomorrow! Yipee!

  17. I hear that Jesse….. and I’m sure we will all be geeking it up with AM radio listening to lightning being detected.. Or, oh wait never mind, that’s just me 🙂

  18. Jesse-Orchards says:

    I guess that’s what I mean when I say boring.
    I’m waiting for all the Spring stuff Rob listed.

  19. Thanks for the update, Mark.
    I think it’s been rather nice. A definite change from the dreary, rainy Fall/Winter we’ve had. I agree let’s get Spring going. We are nearing the cold trough/showers unstable air t-storms, hail, and cold core funnel season.
    – Rob

  20. Justin (Brush Prairie) says:

    Hasn’t been boring at all. Truly awesome weather.
    Just wish it was officially spring already.

  21. Jesse-Orchards says:

    I think it has been boring. I would give anything for several days of heavy rain right now.

  22. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    I certainly don’t mind a dry February or
    even a dry March…yay.

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