The Big Solar Eclipse Is Coming!

Moon_eclipseJan Landis from N.E. Portland sent us this nice montage of "pre-totality" shots tonight.  The Lunar Eclipse was total between 7 & 8 pm.  If you missed it, next chance is in just a bit less than 3 years…December 2010.

(borrowed from late August 2007 posting)

For many years I’ve been anticipating "the big one" here in the Northwest.  Just 10 years away now, the  Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017 will turn the sun completely dark for around 2 minutes in the late morning on a summer day.  The path will cross from around Lincoln City to Salem to Madras to Ontario as it races east at many hundreds of miles per hour.  NOTE TO FUTURE BOSS:  I plan to take the day off from work.  I was 10 years old when we had the one in 1979.  And it was cloudy west of the Cascades during that eclipse in February.

Mark Nelsen

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  1. Jeff in Vancouver says:

    Jesse….please think before you speak….I have, and am still trying, to learn that lesson

  2. Paul,
    Best guess is the weekend low remains south of us. As always we need to watch the models over the next day or so.

  3. Mback (TTD) says:

    What’s up with the cheap shots Jesse? Bad week at work or something? At least post info if you are going to disagree.

  4. High Wind Watch was updated a bit ago here…they’re calling for 30-40mi/h *sustained* winds with higher gusts! This will be something to watch indeed.

  5. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    Are you sure it will make it to 107ΒΊF?
    seems like it will be awful humid- either way it sounds like a real fryer.

  6. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    Word Mark-
    I’ve already taken that day off too.
    I remember the one in 1979 (I was 10 also). It was cloudy, I was in Eugene and the light turned kind of a green.
    The street lights came on and then went
    off almost immediately.
    Rob- Anybody…Know where the 977mb low
    is supposed to track into Northern California or S. Oregon on Saturday?
    Any ideas?

  7. Lol Sarcasm belongs on Western Forum, not here….
    I agree about tonight’s low. I’m watching it like a hawk. We only need a slight deviation in it’s track to get windy conditions all along western Oregon. As of right now that doesn’t look likely. One thing for sure the east winds are increasing in response to the low slowly deepening as it treks northward up the Oregon Coast.
    Surface gradients as of 8:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -3.4 Increased from -2.7 at 7:00 PM
    TTD-DLS -3.4 Increased from -3.0 at 7:00 PM
    It should increase until the low has passed north of Tillamook or so. Conditions could become gusty east of I-205 for awhile.
    [00z MM5-GFS windcast]
    Shows a nice tight gradient just south of the low. This is a small area and it is not strong winds even reaching onto the Coast very much. Now had this low tracked right along the Coast or even just inland a bit the optimum gradient packing would of aligned itself nicely over the valleys.
    This map shows this nicely.

    Translate that gradient packing 75-100 miles east and you’re probably looking at a peak southerly surface PDX-EUG gradient of -8 to -9mb which could of given 50+mph gusts from Salem northward.
    – Rob

  8. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Between 10:47am and 3:29pm, Tuesday, November 8th 2011, Wendy.
    Better batton down the hatches.

  9. There’s a High Wind Watch down here for Saturday Night into Sunday…no word yet on strength from the NWS though. It does mean 58mi/h+ though.

  10. wendy-silverlake,wa says:


  11. FarmerSteve says:

    Just watched Rod Hill He says could be a wind strom in southern oregon northern califorina.

  12. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    My windicator just popped up a 39mph prediction with this incoming little puppy —
    Looks like it is a bit stronger than modeled. Hummm, now if it were only 960mb. πŸ™‚ Love the track and placement.

  13. Ben (Beaverton) says:

    Heat, I didn’t realize that long-range maps went out to hour 82344. πŸ™‚

  14. Now now I never said there was going to be a wind storm. I merely pointed out that Saturday could be interesting. As of right now there isn’t favorable jet support/flow. If there had that thing could of been an absolute bomb of a low and it likely would of been in the danger zone 130 W, 40 N moving ENE to NE and approaching the Oregon Coast.
    Surface gradients as of 1:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -4.0
    TTD-DLS -4.6

  15. Heatblizzard says:

    (sarcastic,) the forcast for August 3rd 2017 is, a high of 107F with a low of 76F and a 40% chance of Thunderstorms.(Winks)
    August will be much above average in daytime temps while it will be slightly below average for night temps due to cloud cover. and wetter then average. with 1-2″ of rain for the monthly total.

  16. Jesse-Orchards says:

    There’s not going to be a windstorm.

  17. wendy-silverlake,wa says:

    When are we expecting this windstorm?

  18. Sean (Lebanon, IN) says:

    It’s a great night for seeing the eclipse, but with temps in the low teens only was able to stay out for a few mins at a time.

  19. offroadjosh(kila-7miles west of kalispell Montana) says:

    the eclipse looked real nice out here had a great view of it plus the big moon makes the snow glow.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Good early morning everyone.
    Well I notice some light east wind is developing now.
    Low pressure off the southern Oregon Coast at roughly 998mb and high pressure around 1019mb over the Columbia Basin is now beginning to develop an offshore gradient through the Gorge.
    Surface gradients as of 4:00 AM
    PDX-DLS -1.7
    TTD-DLS -2.2

  21. It is really going to depend on if much the jet remains splitty, or if it won’t be at all. If it remains split then as the low approaches the coast line it would tend to weaken rapidly, but if the jet support is favorable that won’t be an issue. If the low can maintain it’s forward speed then I think it could be interesting.. 00z MM5-GFS extended should be running soon.
    – Rob

    Ok I hope I got your attention….
    Tonight’s 00z MM5-GFS shows a rapidly deepening low in the “danger zone” area where we need to watch things.
    [00z MM5-GFS 36km Loop]
    [Saturday February 23rd]

    A rapidly deepening 977mb bomb below 40 N and to about 130 W is approaching. Also a key factor is I do not see any additional low pressure areas, or anything previously that will tend for low pressure to kind of be “spread out all over” meaning you cannot achieve very good pressure rises/falls giving you a more relaxed gradient. This looks like a strong gradient with a classic pressure fall/rise pattern is going to develop somewhere. Guys/gals I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better looking setup for a possible south wind storm this Fall/Winter. A TRUE south wind storm. Surely it can change, but as of right now it looks like this monster is beginning it’s ENE/NE swing and it will move due north up the Oregon Coast barely offshore. This is my guess as of right now. Obviously when the 00z MM5-GFS is completed we will know for sure. IMO, this is something we need to watch with utmost importance.
    – Rob

  23. Mback (TTD) says:

    So Mark, what will the weather be like in August 2017? Hopefully it will be a nice, clear day.

  24. Thanks for the update Mark.
    Good evening everyone.
    I saw the eclipse when it was at about 98% phase…. Very cool. Meaning the lunar eclipse. I don’t remember the solar one, but it sounded amazing.

  25. I remember ’79 as well, i was in Baker City, it was cloudy there as well, and raining, which turned to snow when it went dark during it….

  26. Christiana in Beaverton (Baseline & 163rd) says:

    Got to see when I was driving home from PSU and it was beautiful. Too many buildings and other things in the way for hubby to see from home.
    The pics were really pretty thanks for posting them.

  27. John - Aloha says:

    Mark, I remember the same thing in 1979 – Dark clouds. There was a couple of small/short sun breaks through the clouds, where I could remember a image from the faint sunlight through a pin hole in the aluminum foil of a shoe box created viewing device. I also remember that they delayed school opening throught out the area due to the early morning timing.
    Sounds like Madras will be the place in 2017

  28. kportl22 says:

    (cool! first!)
    Today was the best weather day ever! Most amazing skiing at Meadows imaginable, and this incredible lunar event. What an amazing place we live!!!

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