SLOW Weather

February 19, 2008

SnapshotWe just had one last August, but another lunar eclipse is on the way Wednesday evening.  We may get a break in the cloud cover tomorrow during the eclipse, so it’s still possible we’ll see it.  I found a great web site that has animations showing eclipses, comets and other neat astronomical events.  You’ll find the information here. 

What a weak weather system today…in fact I was surprised how little rain fell this evening.  Of course I missed the forecast high by 5 degrees as well…disappointing.

A real lackluster weather pattern the next 5-7 days too.  Quite a split in the jet stream so we don’t get any strong weather systems as we head into the last week of February.  Spring can’t be too far away right?  On the other hand I notice the 00z GEM (Canadian) brings arctic air across the border into Washington around the 1st of March.  I’ll believe that when I see it.  Last time that happened was March 1st of 1989.  Mark Nelsen