Nice Spring Weather

February 18, 2008

SnapshotThe last two days were perfect early April days with high temps in the 60-65 degree range across the metro area.  It’s only the latter half of February, so you know it can’t stay this warm for too long.  Of course I think it was 3 years ago when we had almost a 3 week long stretch like this from late February through early March.  So maybe the warm weather will return in a week or so.  I had a great time this weekend ignoring the T.V. and actually most internet and weather maps.  Got my property all ready and de-blackberried to plant more trees (douglas firs), threw the dead grouse over the hill, planted some bulbs, and did some bush-wacking down to a waterfall with the kids.  Basically I tried to be outside as much as possible knowing that cool and rainy weather would return.  I hope many of you got the chance to do the same.

But now it’s "back to the usual programming" weatherwise.  Two separate systems are approaching from the southwest.  The first arrives overhead tomorrow afternoon.  A strong negative tilt to this system might give us thunderstorms tomorrow if it was May…but it’s not.  The 2nd moves in late tomorrow night, and it’s quite weak like the first one.  I notice there will be little to no rainfall Wednesday behind these two systems.

A wetter and more typical system for this time of year moves inland Thursday for a cloudier and rainy day.   

Beyond that, there are 3 things I notice in general:

1. No outbreak of cold air or snow chance…we are probably done with both (La Nina = No Snow at PDX???)
2. Very weak and splitty weather systems through early next week (a dry February in a La Nina ???)
3. Generally some sort of longwave ridging over the West Coast through the end of the month (March better be wet or this doesn’t fit our winter pattern so far).

Mark Nelsen