Sunnier Weekend

Dscf0005 SnapshotToday’s weak front sure got closer models showed.  In fact a trace of precipitation fell at PDX and TTD late this afternoon or early evening.  Latest look at radar shows we’re back into the dry weather.  That should be the case until Tuesday. 

The upper level ridge over us has been "dented" a bit this evening by the trough passing by to the north.  It then sharpens strongly and moves over the West Coast tomorrow through Monday.  As it does so, surface wind turns northerly tomorrow.  This should be enough to clear out low level moisture by afternoon (morning if we get lucky!).  Tomorrow night through midday Monday strong easterly flow develops and we get the usual Gorge easterly wind.  As I mentioned last night, we are just about to the transition season with east wind.  It’s definitely not a real cold east wind Sunday and Monday, but it’s not like early-mid March when we get some good downslope warming in this sort of event.  So 60-62 still seem like good numbers for Sunday and Monday.  We’ll know by Monday afternoon eh?  We ARE guaranteed perfectly sunny skies both days though…so get off the computer and enjoy the bright days!  That is my plan…Mark Nelsen

The picture of the kid with the bird?  That was the grouse that flew through the Nelsen home’s front window like a baseball this morning.  AFTER going through the window, it went another 15′ or so!  Obviously it didn’t make it…but my son call in the report!

48 Responses to Sunnier Weekend

  1. John - Aloha says:

    gusted to 19 from the East this afternoon in Aloha

  2. Surface gradients As of 7:00 PM
    PDX-DLS -7.1
    TTD-DLS -7.7

  3. John - Aloha says:

    Bobby did you get my email?

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