Another SLOW Day

SnapshotAnother very slow day in the weather center.  But that’s good since we’re getting ready for our new 4pm newscast.
High pressure sitting pretty much directly over us at the surface.  Clearly the upper-level ridge is getting "dented" by systems passing by to the north, that’s where we are getting the clouds from.  Now the strongest system moves by to the north tomorrow afternoon and evening.  This brings rain as far south as Olympia, but not down to Portland.

The ridge rebuilds behind this system for offshore flow late Saturday through Monday.  Quite strong offshore flow in fact for Sunday.  We get solid sunshine and east wind on Sunday.  This time of the year we don’t get incredibly warm from an east wind…we still get some cool air through the Gorge which balances out the downslope warming.  So I figure 60 degrees in PDX-town with an 850mb temp around +10.  This same airmass 3 weeks from now could give us 72 degrees according to Mark’s Magic Chart.  I don’t have a chart for February because inversions still mess up the data a bit.

Cooler and wet westerly flow is definitely coming back by the middle of next week…Mark Nelsen

17 Responses to Another SLOW Day

  1. ..and i have to agree about the sunset…caught it as i was going over the colton/estacada divide on 211….wonderfully stunning deep reds!!!!

  2. well…nobody has bit so far…Mark..what is your magic chart….~the sound of something ive missed going over the top of my head~

  3. double ringer time
    sun and warm horse shoe heaven
    spring brewing season

  4. The sunset tonight was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen! Too bad I was at work and didn’t have a camera handy

  5. What a stunning sunset! Wow…..
    Accompanied by a thin band of light rain just enough to produce a very nice rainbow.

  6. Good day everyone.
    We’re almost to the best stretch of weather in a long, long time. No more mucky gray skies! 60 degrees here we come!

  7. Mat-ne portland says:

    VERY slow day, blog and weather wise.

  8. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    Only 8 comments for the day?
    Not much going on out here either, just a cold rain a little bit of snow on the backside. Nothing worth writing home about. I just wish the warm spring weather would get here. Getting closer to severe weather season at least.

  9. Mat-ne portland says:

    Whats up people? Downturn in the models for next week so really enjoy your weekend. Remember, work is a four letter word.

  10. Tyler in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    I change the photo on my desktop everyday and was just about to run out of good ones to put up…todays sunrise will help! Enjoy.

    66. Low Clouds
  11. Tyler in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    What a sunrise going on right now!!! Will have pics!

  12. kirk ( N of Washougal @ 1000ft ) says:

    Chilly this morning only 30 here.

  13. Tyler in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    So ya, can’t sleep…so I was looking at my records. 12 years ago today, 67.3 degrees, this following the floods. This still stands as my February record high.

  14. JN (ENE of washougal at 850') says:

    The last patches of snow 4-8″deep should finally melt off my land this weekend left from the 20″ or so we had almost two weeks ago. Seems this north side of Mt. Zion (north of Kape Horn) is the only place around me to still have snow on the ground. Some snow on the ground here from early Dec. till now. Never thought I would get sick of snow! I wish I knew more about my cold and unique micro climate. Sevral times (about 30 events) this winter I have had snow on my land (700″ to 1,025′) but up the hill gets a mix and about half as much accumulation at 1,200 to 1,300 ft. This is my first year out here. Anyone live out here or have any idea why my weather is so diffrent then just a mile away? I bet I am not done with snow yet this winter.

  15. Thanks for the update Mark…
    Quite strong offshore flow? One last hurrah of east winds? It has been an underachieving year for them as you showed in a previous post.

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