Another SLOW Day

February 14, 2008

SnapshotAnother very slow day in the weather center.  But that’s good since we’re getting ready for our new 4pm newscast.
High pressure sitting pretty much directly over us at the surface.  Clearly the upper-level ridge is getting "dented" by systems passing by to the north, that’s where we are getting the clouds from.  Now the strongest system moves by to the north tomorrow afternoon and evening.  This brings rain as far south as Olympia, but not down to Portland.

The ridge rebuilds behind this system for offshore flow late Saturday through Monday.  Quite strong offshore flow in fact for Sunday.  We get solid sunshine and east wind on Sunday.  This time of the year we don’t get incredibly warm from an east wind…we still get some cool air through the Gorge which balances out the downslope warming.  So I figure 60 degrees in PDX-town with an 850mb temp around +10.  This same airmass 3 weeks from now could give us 72 degrees according to Mark’s Magic Chart.  I don’t have a chart for February because inversions still mess up the data a bit.

Cooler and wet westerly flow is definitely coming back by the middle of next week…Mark Nelsen