A “False” Spring

February 11, 2008

SnapshotI meant to put this graphic on the blog Friday, but I was negligent…apparently forgetting to even blog that day!  That hasn’t happened since last Fall.  Clearly the big slowdown in weather has taken it’s toll.
Wow, only 13 comments today as well…it’s like a midsummer day with no weather to talk about.  More likely we all found something else to do with the sunny weather Saturday, and today was nice for February as well.  I got my fruit trees all pruned and sprayed for the "spring", cut some trees down near my gate, and took a hike with the kids up the hill.  So "false" spring fever sure hit me hard.

The big story for the next 7 days is DRY AND MILD.  Models continue to show longwave ridging over the Northwest through at least the early part of the next week.  This weekend looks especially nice with very high 500mb. heights and a sharp ridge.  Some easterly wind at times bodes well for reducing low clouds and fog too.  We are just about past the season where we’ll get a prolonged period of cold easterly wind.   Too long days and increasing sun angle are beginning to "take their toll" as we go through mid-late February.  Very similar to mid-late August when we need a stronger east wind to get us up to 100 degrees.

I just checked reservoir levels and SNOTEL sites.  Plenty of storage room in reservoirs and no rain on the way, so no threat of flooding.  The low elevation snowpack is definitely melting now.  I see Saddle Mountain in the Coast Range has gone from 35" of snow water Friday down to 30" this evening…it’s as if 5"  of rain has fallen at that elevation.  A quick melt, but no rain to cause trouble on the Coastal Rivers…Mark Nelsen