A Weather Slow Down

February 7, 2008

SnapshotIt’s been a wild ride the last 2 weeks!  I had to double-check those numbers from Mt. Hood Meadows.  How the heck do you get 14′ of snow in 13 days?  There were something like 6-7 days where at least 18" fell!  Lots of low elevation snow and big snowstorms in the mountains has made for a huge snowpack.

But it appears the weather pattern is going to generally slow down a bit the next 7 days.  It sure won’t be dry anytime soon, but I just don’t see any really stormy weather.   Definitely not any low elevation snow (below 2,000′) or flooding issues either.

A warm front with the next system moves inland late tonight and lingers overhead ALL DAY tomorrow.  It should be one of those classic drippy, low ceiling, gray & breezy days here in the metro area.  It does lift north tomorrow night and the cold front doesn’t move inland until Saturday P.M.  That leaves us with the possiblity of south wind, warm atmosphere, and a dry period Saturday morning and midday.  IF everything works out right, we COULD have a decent Saturday morning.  Maybe a stretch? Most likely I’m just desperate for a brief taste of March temps.

It’s very clear from the 00z ECMWF and 00z GFS that our chances for a nice arctic blast are pretty much dead.  The 7 Day forecast takes us to the halfway point in February, after which a big blast of cold air gets tempered by increasing sunshine.  You may remember (you can find it in the blog archive to the right), that unusually late blast in February 2006.  It hit around the 17th or maybe 19th.  We had one afternoon with a high at PDX of 31 degrees, then with sunshine highs bounced back up around 40 the next day.

But, we can defiinitely still see a wind storm or snow storm for another month.  There’s always hope for more exciting weather in this La Nina winter…Mark Nelsen