Busy Weather Evening

SnapshotA classic Northwest winter night tonight:  snow briefly down to 1,000′, then a strong warm front passage with fast-rising temps in the hills, heavy rain, high wind warning at the Coast, and Winter Storm Warning in the Cascades!  Otherwise just a boring rainy/windy February night in the lowlands…  That warm front showed up real well on the radar passing over the Portland Metro area around 9pm.  Expect rising temps the next few hours as the cold front races towards us.  Rainfall amounts haven’t been as impressive as I expected, but it should pick up over the next 3 hours or so.  I decided I was tired of winter today so I went out and pruned my fruit trees (no deer yet!) for the winter.  Of course I ignored the 3-4" of snow still left on the ground, hoping it would melt away by morning, leaving the usual green.  Unlikely, but one can hope.

This appears to be the last real strong weather system for awhile.  As I mentioned last night, nothing all that impressive in the next 7 days.  But it’s makeup, restroom, and hairspray time (9:50pm), I’ll be back later…

11:30 now: It got a bit wilder!  Nice little lightning flash at the beginning of the 10pm show, then a very heavy line of rain moved through during the newscasts with strong south wind gusts surfacing with the rain.  Gotta get out of here on time this evening so I can discuss the weekend tomorrow so that’s all…Mark Nelsen

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  1. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    Happy B-day Rob!

  2. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    Happy B-day Rob!

  3. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    The wind that came through here (NoPortland) last night reminded me very much of winds that I’ve seen in thunderstorms in the midwest. I’m not
    surprised that it was fairly localized.

  4. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    Happy Birthday Rob!

  5. mark says:

    Happy Birthday Rob!

  6. Well that’s it for me very short night for me….. Being sick on your b-day sucks (Just a bad cold nothing major.)
    Have a great night everyone and take care.

  7. Bunker Weiss says:

    I’d blog something….

  8. Camas~Mom says:

    Icekeeg – I had to go back to check what I had asked. I’m going to date myself – Eddie Murphy’s first stand up video “Raw” he used the term Gooneygoogoo for basically “WHAT?!” Just an expression of confusion. 🙂

  9. salemphil says:

    what’s that…someone say summer? Heck yeah, I’m ready to break out the fishing poles and the hiking boots!! Lookout Central Oregon, here I come!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

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