A Slower Day

February 5, 2008

SnapshotI just decided (30 seconds ago), to do a real short post tonight.  A nice little "comma-cloud" moves throguh Northwest Oregon the next 4 hours or so.  The snow level MAY drop as low as 1,000′ behind this feature, although our RPM model has little to no moisture in the interior valleys after the actual "blob" passes through.  Then a warmer system for tomorrow night.

The big weather story is that we’re back to "normal" for now.  No significant chance of a windstorm, heavy rain, low elevation snow, or even an arctic outbreak.  I know this REALLY hurts those of us weather nuts, but 7-10 day maps show mild westerly flow continuing through the period.  Apparently this will be one of those rare moderate/strong La Nina winters that doesn’t produce a deep freeze in the Northwest.  23 is the lowest temp so far this winter at PDX.  Looks like it may not be "teens" winter here in Portland…Mark Nelsen